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Peru: Mango production decreases by 15% in Lambayeque region ...

The mango season in the Lambayeque region registered a decrease of 15% due to the weather variables that were recorded throughout the Lambayeque region, said the regional manager of Agriculture, Augusto Velez Delgado.

The official said that the losses occurred in the districts of Olmos, Motupe and Tongorrape area, where over 3,500 hectares of tropical fruit are concentrated.

This represents roughly 15% of Peru's total mango acreage of some 25,000 hectares.

"This campaign has not been so encouraging for mango producers, we hope that these conditions can be overcome," he said.

Delgado Vélez explained that climate variations prevented the flowering of the product, however despite of this, producers took a risk and planted. It is expected that in the months of January and February, where most of flowering takes place, the campaign could improve in order to achieve at least the local market supply.

"If the product is too scarce it could become very expensive in the market, s…