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Scientists pioneer method to predict environmental collapse ...

by Staff Writers
Southampton UK (SPX) Nov 26, 2012

Researcher Enlou Zhang takes a core sample from the bed of Lake Erhai in China. Credit: University of Southampton.

Scientists at the University of Southampton are pioneering a technique to predict when an ecosystem is likely to collapse, which may also have potential for foretelling crises in agriculture, fisheries or even social systems.

The researchers have applied a mathematical model to a real world situation, the environmental collapse of a lake in China, to help prove a theory which suggests an ecosystem 'flickers', or fluctuates dramatically between healthy and unhealthy states, shortly before its eventual collapse.

Head of Geography at Southampton, Professor John Dearing explains: "We wanted to prove that this 'flickering' occurs just ahead of a dramatic change in a system - be it a social, ecological or climatic one - and that this method could potentially be used to predict future critical changes in othe…

Drug gang bust in Honduras nets $100M assets ...

By Reuters

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras -- Anti-drug agents on Saturday broke up an alleged gang of synthetic drug producers and seized $100 million in assets, a Honduras government spokesman said.

Anti-drug trafficking agents carried out raids on 24 sites in the northern part of the country, seizing 700 heads of cattle and 150 vehicles in one of the biggest organized crime seizures in the last decade, spokesman Carlos Vallecillo said.

Vallecillo said the group laundered money through companies and property, but did not specify which drug cartel the group belonged to.

The agents detained a local police official, a Honduran civilian, and two Colombian pilots, he added.

The Mexican government's campaign to tame its drug cartels has driven Mexican drug traffickers to set up shop in Honduras. Colombian Cartels also operate in the country.

More than 8,000 unaccompanied migrant youths – mostly from Central America -- have been taken into custody this year, double the number taken into custody at thi…