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GTX Gets Approval For Custom Two-Way GPS Tracking Devices On Planes ...

by Staff Writers
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Nov 29, 2012

File image.

GTX Corp has announced the approval of a custom designed GPS tracking device for use on AirNet and Cargolux. 

The custom configured device will be made available as an add-on service exclusively to customers of MNX, a premium global provider of expedited transportation and logistics services, to provide a new level of visibility and control for high value and mission critical shipments.

"We have been working diligently with AirNet and Cargolux to gain the necessary approvals to bring this one-of-a-kind offering to market. We are very pleased to see this day finally come to fruition," said Patrick Bertagna, GTX Corp Chairman and CEO.

"Over the next few weeks we will work closely with the MNX team to formulate a domestic and international deployment strategy to introduce this offering to MNX customers around the world."

Designed for customers that ship high value, time or temperature sensitive materials, the tec…

Colombia debe seguir trabajando en zonas de baja prevalencia de moscas de la fruta ...

30 de Noviembre de 2012

Después de visitar zonas declaradas como de baja prevalencia de moscas de la fruta en los departamentos de Boyacá y Valle del Cauca, el consultor mexicano Gerardo Ortiz Moreno presentó en el Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario, ICA, el pasado 14 de noviembre, sus recomendaciones al Plan Nacional de Moscas de la Fruta (PNMF).

Oriundo de México, el agrónomo y consultor internacional Gerardo Ortiz Moreno expuso ante el equipo de trabajo del ICA en moscas de la fruta, representantes del Gobierno nacional y de las cadenas y asociaciones frutícolas, sus comentarios, observaciones y análisis sobre la situación, avances y retos del PNMF en Colombia.

Después de visitar zonas de baja prevalencia de moscas de la fruta en Boyacá y Valle del Cauca, Ortiz concluyó que es necesario reforzarlas, subrayando que dicha necesidad cobra toda su importancia toda vez que el país es rico en producción de frutas, no solo por su posición geográfica, sino también por su clima y agroecología.



Gorge on hafoos by March!

By Himansshu Bhatt, TNN | Dec 1, 2012, 11.22 PM IST

SURAT: Mango lovers will not have to wait for summer to gorge on their favourite Valsadi hafoos (alphonso). The king of mangoes will start flooding the markets as early as March next year or even mid-February.

Thanks to climatic changes, 90 per cent of the mango orchards in Umargam taluka of Valsad are already seen with fruits dangling from the trees.

"Mango trees across Valsad are showing heavy flowering and at many places small fruits are already set on the trees," an agriculture expert Vasant Dongre, who runs a consultancy firm and advises 200 big farmers of Valsad, said.

"The main reason for early fructification is low temperature. Valsad is the only district in country this year that has had a consistent cold spell for 15 days where night time temperatures have hovered between 10 degrees celsius and 15 degrees celsius. This is ideal for mango flowering fructification," Dongre said.


INDIA: Mango growers’ woes top priority of JD(S): Kumaraswamy ...

Srinivaspur, Dec 1, 2012, DHNS :                                                                  

The Janata Dal (Secular), JD-S, which is committed to the welfare of State farmers, will give top priority to solve problems of mango growers here, said former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy.

Speaking at the Kannada Rajyotsava programme organised in the City on Friday, Kumaraswamy said that it was saddening that mango-growers of Srinivaspur, who export good quality mangoes to international markets, are mired in problems.

Reiterating his party’s commitment to State farmers, he said: “If the JD(S) is voted to power in the upcoming Assembly elections in the State, it will set up a mango processing unit to help the farmers,” he said.

In addition to this, the party will also lay thrust on giving guidance to farmers who incur losses due to bad crop patterns. Also, more emphasis will be laid on scientific crop cultivation, he said.

On language and culture

Noting that rural areas were the true protect…

USA & GLOBAL ECONOMY: $80 Trillion In Unfunded Liabilities The True Noose Around Our Necks ...

Economic collapse does not only effect the United States alone but also the world economy as a whole

- Robert Rohlfing (Bio and Archives) Saturday, December 1, 2012

We hear all about the $16 Trillion dollars in debt that our country is in, but the much larger problem and the one that our politicians and citizens do not want to talk about honestly is the $80 Trillion Dollars in Unfunded Liabilities at the federal level.

We all know about how the states and local governments are being swamped by these obligations, but we cannot even have an honest discussion about the true nature of the long term problems that we face because for one reason or another it always turns into a Left - vs -Right you-are-wrong-and-stupid argument. 

We have those in congress such as Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer who will not even let this be discussed in all the negotiations that we currently hear about going on with the debtcrisis that this government created. It is easy to understand that they do not want to…


Overall and Domestic rankings per ALEXA.COM, Mango World Magazine (MWM) also known as the IMO BLOG, has surpassed the National Mango Board (NMB) website also known as MANGO.ORG.

Other search sites have long recognized this fact.

Officially ALEXA.COM has now ranked the IMO BLOG within the top one million websites of a total 644 million websites in the world as of March 2012...

How Many Web Sites Are There?

Julie Bort|March 08, 2012|

That's a bit of a trick question, as there isn't a definite answer.

However, right now there are 644 million active websites on the Internet according to Netcraft.

Netcraft's March 2012 website survey discovered 644,275,754 active websites, to be precise.

Half a billion is a lot. But when we're talking about the Internet, sounds kind of small.

It won't be small for long. The Internet is still growing by leaps and bounds. The March numbers were up by 31.4 million (5.1%) over last month.

Plus, nearly six million domain names were added to the Inter…