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AUSTRALIA: Growers perplexed by low quality of NT mango crop ...

By Steven Schubert

Tuesday, 04/12/2012

One of the biggest mango companies in the Northern Territory says it's trying to work out why it couldn't produce enough top class fruit this year.

Quality was a big issue for a lot of farms in the Darwin rural area this season and also in Katherine, albeit to a lesser extent.

Brett Jackson, from fruit growing company Seven Fields, says he's not sure what the factors were behind the disappointing result.

"It's very important to get a high percentage of class one fruit and this year we're not quite sure why (we didn't get as many)," he said.

"But we think there might have been a bit of wind, so there might have been a little bit more wind blemish on the fruit which has caused some downgrades."

Quality has been a big issue for some mango growers this year (Matt Brann)

Desde La Habana y por Twitter, el presidente Chávez designó a 15 nuevos embajadores ...

Sera que Fidel le ayudo escojer ????....

A través de su cuenta en twitter @VillegasPoljakE, el ministro de Información y Comunicación, Ernesto Villegas, informó este lunes que el presidente de la República, Hugo Chávez, designo los nuevos representantes de diversas embajadas

“Presidente Chávez firmó la designación de 15 nuevos embajadores”, escribió.

Los nuevos embajadores son:

1.- Yoel Pérez Marcano (Belice)

2.- Hayden Pirela (Dominica)

3.-Jorge Guerrero Veloz (Grenada)

4.- Hugo García (México)

5.-Marlon Peña (Mozambique, concurrente en Malawi y Madagascar)

6.- Norma Borges (República Democrática del Congo)

7.- Eduardo Medina Rubio (Gambia, concurrente en Cabo Verde)

8.- Alejandro Correa (Benin, concurrente en Togo, Ghana, Costa de Marfil y Níger)

9.- Javier Arrúe (Nicaragua)

10.- Alberto Castelar (República Dominicana)

11.- Amenothep Zambrano (Irán)

12.- Jonathan Delfi Velasco Ramírez (Irak)

13.- Jhonny Balza (Kenia)

14.- Juan Antonio Hernández (Egipto y Liga Árabe)

15.- Isabel Delgado Arria (Mercosu…


Mango Sherbet

Some believe mangoes make the creamiest kind of sherbet. Mango Daiquiri

With its deep, sweet mango flavor offset by coconut rum and bright lime juice, this slushy drink is perfect for any beachside getaway. Sticky Rice with Mangoes

A favorite in Thailand, this dessert combines coconut-infused rice with refreshingly sweet mango. Mango and Queso Blanco Salsa

Ordinary salsa gets an extraordinary twist with the addition of fresh mango and mild Mexican cheese. Pork Curry with Green Mango

This recipe offers a delicious combination of tart green mango and warm spices. Ripe-Mango Chutney

Mangos add just the right amount of sweetness to this warm, spicy chutney.

India Sets Off For Naval Showdown With China ...

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/03/2012 12:15 -0500

Natural Gas
Saudi Arabia

As if global geopolitics were not tempestuous enough, it seems China's increased military presence near Indian state-run explorer Oil and Natural Gas Corp's (ONGC) Nam Con Son basin operations near Vietnam are sparking India's navy into action. 

India's Navy Chief Joshi according to Reuters, said it was prepared to act, if necessary, to protect its maritime and economic interests in the region. He added that "When the requirement is there, for example, in situations where our country's interests are involved, for example ONGC... we will be required to go there and we are prepared for that." 

While the Straits of Hormuz seem to get most of the world's attention, the growing trouble in the South China Sea is troubling since it "is one of the most important international waterways and freedom of navigation there is an issue of utmost concern to India," beca…


Clerical Worker Strike Enters 7th Day At Port Of Los Angeles/Long Beach ...

December 3, 2012 5:40 AM

LOS ANGELES ( — The clerical worker strike at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach entered its seventh day Monday.

The walkout has dramatically slowed activity at the nation’s busiest cargo complex as dockworkers refuse to cross picket lines set up by union clerical workers. Officials estimate the strike is costing $1 billion per day.

Talks between shippers and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union continued throughout the weekend, but with no deal made.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villariagosa, who is currently in Colombia on a trade mission to South America, is now calling for a mediator to help end the strike.

“I call on labor and management to start bargaining around the clock with the assistance of a federal or other mediator until an agreement is reached. The cost is too great to continue down this failed path,” he said.

“It’s a ripple effect. We have thousands of people who live in the harbor area who are not working today and it’s sad,”…

The Global Economy Has Done A Complete 180 ...

Joe Weisenthal | 9 minutes ago

Wikimedia Commons

For much of the year, the big story was that the US economy was the world's strongest, refusing to succumb to weakness, even as Europe went into crisis, and China flirted with a hard landing.

Because of this, the US stock market was a star performer.

But for the moment, things are doing a 180...

As we wrote earlier, one of the big stories from today's PMI reports was the strength of the BRICS. China, Brazil, South Africa, India, and Indonesia all turned in good reports.

Europe was stable too. Eurozone PMI hit its highest level in 8 months.

And this time it was the US ISM report that laid a brick, with the headline number going sub-50 (signaling contraction) and various sub-indices doing poorly.

Whereas the rest of the world is now on an up-tick in momentum, it appears that the US (Perhaps due to a combination of Cliff worries and Sandy) is seeing a rough patch.

Earlier today, we posted a couple of sentences from SocGen analyst Kit Juckes…

Singapore attracts several Danish companies ...


Approximately every second month a new Danish company opens an office in Singapore, usually within the maritime or offshore industries. The companies are attracted by the growth and shipping environment.

Offentliggjort 03.12.12 kl. 11:47

Nearly 1,500 Danes already live in Singapore which is the base for almost 130 companies of Danish origins, especially within the maritime world. 

Considering the recent interest, the flow of Danish companies opening an office in the fast-growing Asian island state is far from over.

In the last couple of months, companies such as Stena Weco, Combi Lift and Dynamic Oil Trading have announced plans to open an office or actually opened an office as part of the Danish cluster in Singapore, which features every major Danish shipping company such as Maersk, Norden, Torm, Clipper, the large Danish bunker companies and the offshore companies such as Maersk…

Ecuador enviará más de 11.000.000 de cajas de mangos ...

Sin lluvias intensas y mucho sol hasta enero próximo, la producción actual de mango se coronará como la mejor desde sus inicios con la posibilidad de exportar más de once millones de cajas y estar por encima de los $ 80 millones en divisas.

En la planta del Grupo Agriproduct, que procesa casi el 40% de la fruta que va a Estados Unidos, Europa, Chile, México, entre otros, no solo se confirma que hay más cantidad de esta fruta este año sino que por el óptimo estado del tiempo (temperatura-humedad) en los campos y las labores de cultivo, su cliente principal ha empezado a entregar fruta desde mediados de septiembre, dos semanas antes de lo habitual.

Erwin Sterkens viene a Ecuador cada año para revisar en finca y empacadora la fruta que compra directamente a sus proveedores la compañía Especial Fruit. 

De la demanda de mango aprecia un crecimiento a buen nivel en el mercado europeo. 

“Estamos muy contentos con la calidad, empacado y presentación del producto; se ajusta mejor a los altos están…


The Fiscal Cliff Is A Mirage, But A Real Cliff Is Ahead

December 3, 2012 by Bob Livingston


Don’t worry over the so-called fiscal cliff. It is just the latest in a long line of crises created by the elected sociopath class as another ploy to extract more wealth from the middle class and further advance its agenda.

The cliff you need to worry about is the one we are barreling toward regardless of how the fiscal cliff negotiations turn out. 

It’s the hyperinflation cliff. 

It’s dead ahead. It has become unavoidable.

 The Nation is in default.

The fiscal cliff is the term adopted to refer to the end of the misnamed George Bush tax cuts (which expire on Dec. 31) and sequestration ($1.2 trillion in cuts to social programs and defense spending that kick in on Jan. 1 barring a budget deal). 

It’s an unpalatable option to the political class because the political class hates cutting government — which reduces the power of the state — and uses a progressive tax rate to help reinforce the Hege…