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2012: EL AñO QUE FUE ...

INTERNACIONALESEn infografía: los principales acontecimientos noticiosos del 2012 Gobierno colombiano inicia diálogo con las Farc y la reelección de Obama fueron algunas de las noticias más destacadas del 2012.

Publicado el 26 de dic de 2012 8:06 am

Infografía AFP

(Caracas,26 de diciembre- Noticias24) Una infografía de la agencia AFP muestra la retrospectiva de los principales acontecimientos mundiales ocurridos en el 2012.

Dismal prices force Peruvian farmers to suspend mango sales


The smart farmer who invested wisely when prices were sky high last season will make it through this down turn.

Those who squandered their earnings and neglected their mango groves are the ones on the verge of bankruptcy.

Unfortunately for Peru, the mango business is one that is built on economies of scale. Small farmers will eventually go out of business unless they form cooperatives. This will require a paradigm shift in Peru.

The Packing sheds need to work in large volume increments to justify their operation. Unfortunately, little farmers do not offer the same benefit that a large grower does.

Javier Atkins should hire outside advisers to help organize the little farmers into effective coops.These coops could pack their own fruit for export or invest in derivative forms of value added product.

This would eliminate the middleman. (These intermediaries exist because the farmers are lazy.)

Sadly, this is not the Peruvian way. It is easier to complain about the problem rather than …