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Now’s the perfect time to flee dreary midwinter weather and indulge in some poolside relaxation—find your dream destination in our roundup of the most amazing pools around the world

Text by Amanda Friedman

Regardless of location—a city center, a dunes-blanketed desert, or a private tropical isle—the heart of a hotel is often its swimming pool. 

It serves as a social ground zero, where guests can see and be seen, mingle, and relax and recharge: essential pursuits, especially in these postholiday wintry months. 

A well-designed pool is almost as important as the hotel itself, which is why AD has scoured the globe for the most awe-inspiring watering holes. 

From an Art Deco Miami masterpiece to a Mediterranean icon to a technological wonder overlooking the Hong Kong skyline, these 15 hotel pools are sure to dazzle and inspire. Dive in!

Click here to see a slide show of the most breathtaking pools from Miami to Santorini

Photo courtesy of Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc


ABC de España: Chávez, en estado crítico ...

Enero 1, 2013 8:43 am

El diario ABC de Españade este 1 de enero, publica detalles de la enfermedad del presidente venezolano, Hugo Chávez, en un reportaje de Emili J. Blasco, Corresponsal en Washington.

Este es el reportaje

El estado de salud de Hugo Chávez es crítico, con sus funciones vitales en gran medida asistidas artificialmente a raíz de la operación a la que fue sometido el 10 de diciembre debido al avanzado cáncer que padece (se le extirparon 43,4 centímetros de intestino delgado) y de las complicaciones del postoperatorio provocadas por una infección.

(Foto Avn)

Con fiebre constante y sin responder a los antibióticos, el presidente venezolano se encuentra en cuidados intensivos, sin ingerir nada sólido desde que fue operado hace tres semanas, con «ano contra natura» y alimentación intravenosa debido a la extracción de casi medio metro de intestino, de acuerdo con fuentes de inteligencia con acceso al equipo médico que le atiende. 

También sus funciones respiratorias están asistida…

Perú: Los productores de mango levantan el paro ...

Después de una semana, los productores de mango del Valle de San Lorenzo (Perú) acordaron en asamblea levantar la paralización de la cosecha y la venta de esta fruta por el bajo precio que registraba. 

Durante la cita, que se realizó en el Teatro Municipal de Tambogrande con masiva asistencia, se expusieron los acuerdos que se tomaron el pasado viernes entre la comisión negociadora del Consejo Regional del Mango (COREMANGO) y el presidente regional, Javier Atkins Lerggios.

Después de escuchar atentamente la exposición del director regional de Agricultura, Ángel García Zavalú, los productores aceptaron los acuerdos y decidieron levantar el paro.

Como ya es sabido, los acuerdos que se tomaron para fortalecer la cadena productiva del mango, fueron que el Gobierno Regional se comprometiese a pagar durante nueve meses los servicios del profesional que asuma la gerencia del COREMANGO; después de ese lapso, los productores asumirán el pago. 

El gerente tendrá la responsabilidad de orientarlos …

MONEY IS KING: Peru Mango price falls 50% ...

The price of a (20 kg) field crate of mangoes dropped 50%. This has severely affected farmers in San Lorenzo Valley (Peru), and favors intermediaries.

According to the statement by the chairman of San Lorenzo Valley growers, Ciro Tito Flores, to support farmers facing low prices, they are trying to implement an associative model to add value to the fruit.

He explained that they are trying to implement a processing plant to process fruit pulp produced in San Lorenzo Valley, and thus prevent intermediaries from imposing the price on farmers.

Unfortunately, this option would cost millions of dollars that the local farmers either do not have or unwilling to raise. Had the farmers pooled their resources during last seasons unusually high returns, they would have a down payment for these plans.

This way, the new product will be exported and marketed in the country, in order to give new opportunities to farmers, currently "cheated" by intermediaries.

What the farmers fail to recognize i…



A ‘Rounded’ Actor Keeps His Passions Out Front

Bill Pullman Keeps His Passions Out Front

Jordin Althaus/NBC

Bill Pullman in “1600 Penn” on NBC.

Published: January 1, 2013

If only he’d arrived a couple of centuries earlier, Bill Pullman might be considered, well, a little less odd.

Eye Steel Film

Mr. Pullman in the documentary “The Fruit Hunters.”

Displaced Pictures

Mr. Pullman and Cherien Dabis in “May in the Summer.”

Instead, he lamented good-naturedly the other day, his life appears to be “a patchwork quilt of bizarre, disparate obsessions.” An actor in more than 50 films, he has a fondness for trombones, vaudeville and things agricultural — like cattle, barns, tractors and, the subject of a lot of attention lately, his orchard.

“If I were born in the 1700s, I would look like a rounded man,” he said in a phone interview from his dwelling in the Hollywood Hills, with its terraced grove of more than 100 varieties of fruit-bearing plants.

 “Jefferson defined a home as being a ho…


IE10 below 1% market share, Firefox back under 20%, Chrome recovers from three months of losses

Emil Protalinski
Contact Author
1 January 2013
Updated at 03:02 CET

December 2012 finished off last year with quite some interesting moves from the top three browsers. It was the second full month of IE10 availability as well as the first full month of Mozilla Firefox 17 and Google Chrome 23. The latest market share numbers from Net Applications show that Firefox and Safari were the only losers at the end of 2012.

See also – Windows gains market share after six months of decline: Windows 8 grabs 1.64%, Windows 7 passes 45%

Between November and December, Internet Explorer gained 0.01 percentage points. 

Firefox meanwhile fell a whopping 0.62 percentage points, while Chrome managed to gain a huge 0.80 percentage points (though it still did not manage to regain its losses from the previous month). 

Safari dipped 0.09 percentage points and Opera picked up 0.04 percentage points.

At 54.77 percent, Interne…