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HEATHER BRIGGS: Agribusiness specialist helping you and your company achieve your goals...

Heather Briggs

Agribusiness specialist helping you and your company achieve your goals.

Don’t forget your brand strategy is about discovering who you are, who your customer is, and how your customer views you. Building your brand will help close sales faster, increase brand loyalty and help your bottom line.

I am happy to tailor my services to meet your needs and can put together specialist teams in areas such as market research, graphic design and event management.

Areas of expertise include:

Strategic communications planning and implementation in the agricultural sector
Copywriting and press releases

·Social media advice / implementation
Press office management
Creative ideas and PR programme development

•Effective print, broadcast and online media relations

•Event organisation and management

•Market research, business and competitor monitoring and analysis

Contact details:
Telephone: +44 7749492930



Mr. Luis Utrera of El Tintero, S.A., one of Guatemala's premiere mango exporters kindly answered some questions that the IMO posed today.

Here is a breakdown of Guatemala's mango production by Acreage and Facility as well as shipping routes to the USA Market ....

Estimado Sr Utrera;

Acabo de publicar su entervista con Freshplazas en nuestro Blog:

Nos podria proporcionar mas informacion sobre la siguente campaña de mango?

Con mucho gusto estimado Sr. Cavan. Saludos. Luis Utrera

1.) Volumen por variedad?

En el año 2013 Guatemala proyecta exportar un total de 4,500,000 cajas de 4 kgs de mango fresco

Tommy Atkins 4,275,000 cajas 95 %

Ataulfo 160,000 cajas 4 %

Kent 65,000 cajas 1 %

Cantidad de hectarias en produccion en Guatemala?

Aproximadamente Guatemala cuenta con:

8,000 hectareas cultivadas con mango.

95 % variedad Tommy Atkin…


Over 2,500 participants from more than 100 countries representing business, government, academia and civil society will be present from 23 to 27 January in the 43rd World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, CH. 

Read more: — with Aiko Marie.


Los mangos guatemaltecos encuentran buen mercado en Estados Unidos

Con fincas en una región geográfica de Guatemala que les permite exportar mangos a las dos costas de los Estados Unidos, El Tintero, un productor y exportador de mangos Tommy Atkins, ha encontrado un buen mercado en los Estados Unidos de Norte América. 

Pero, aún más que la favorable distancia de su mercado preferido, El Tintero ocupa un lugar en el mercado Norteamericano por la calidad de sus mangos.

Los productores de mangos de Guatemala compiten en USA con mangos de Perú y de México. 

Los Mangos Peruanos terminan de llegar en marzo, y no es hasta abril cuando los altos volúmenes de México aparecen.

La segunda quincena de marzo generalmente constituye el período en el cual los mangos de Guatemala pueden conseguir los mejores precios. 

El Tintero orienta sus procesos agronómicos para tomar ventaja de dicho período en marzo y exportar el mayor volumen posible de sus mangos hacia los Estados Unidos.

“La ventana de comercializa…

10 Awesome Airport Lounges That Make A Layover Feel Like Vacation ...

Megan Willett | 8 minutes ago | 6 |

This is the sixth post of an eight-part series called "Travel In Luxury." This series offers in-depth solutions for on-the-go travelers, all with an eye to design and style.


For most of us, layovers are awful — you're surrounded by cranky fellow travelers with nothing to do but eat overpriced airport food and try to find a power outlet.

But for a select few, layovers are a chance to indulge in VIP lounges where they can get pampered in spas, eat gourmet meals, and take a nap (wearing complimentary pajamas, of course), only to be awoken by a personal chauffeur ready to accompany them directly to their gate.

Sound like a dream? It's actually the reality at these top 10 airport lounges from around the world. Whether you're in Finland or Hong Kong — or looking to indulge your inner child or cure a hangover from the night before — these mini slices of paradise will make you want to skip your flight altogether.

Best for …


United Kingdom Moves Away from the European Project ..

January 22, 2013 | 1000 GMT


By Adriano Bosoni

British Prime Minister David Cameron will deliver a speech in London on Jan. 23, during which he will discuss the future of the United Kingdom's relationship with the European Union. 

Excerpts leaked to the media suggest that harsh EU criticism will figure prominently in the speech, a suggestion in keeping with Cameron's recent statements about the bloc. 

But more important, the excerpts signal an unprecedented policy departure: renegotiating the United Kingdom's role in the European Union. London has negotiated exemptions from some EU policies in the past, even gaining some concessions from Brussels in the process; this time, it is trying to become less integrated with the bloc altogether.

Cameron has pledged to hold a referendum after 2015 on the United Kingdom's role in Europe. He has also said he would reclaim powers London surrendered to the European Union. While they no doubt reflect similar anxieties across the Co…


By Raahil Chopra on Jan 22, 2013 (9 hours ago)

filed under Advertising, India

WATCH the ad film created by Leo Burnett here,maaza-adds-8216love8217-imran-khan-and-parineeti-chopra-to-8216all-season-mango8217-proposition.aspx

Maaza has roped in Bollywood actors Imran Khan and Parineeti Chopra as brand ambassadors. The duo appear in Maaza's first advertising campaign for 2013.

Created by Leo Burnett, the campaign is titled 'Har Mausam Love, Har Mausam Aam'.

The film shows Chopra as the most beautiful girl of her village with all the men (including Khan) looking to woo her. Chopra puts forward her criteria to selecting her man; she wants a mango in the winter season. All the men begin their chase to get mangoes, while Khan gets an idea. He goes straight to her and says he's got them. Chopra is confused and asks him as to how he managed them in the off season. Khan replies, “Aam aur Love ka koi mausam nahi hota” and presents her a bottle …