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Vivek Mehta  wants to use his skill set in the Produce Industry!

Take a look at his Background and see if there is a fit with your company ....


Vivek Mehta

5303 W Angela Drive, Glendale, AZ-85308, 

Tel.:   (810) 624 9084,

MBA - Supply Chain and Operations Management – Keen interest in business development, procurement, market research and supply chain management for the fresh produce industry 

Gold Medalist: APICS Student Case Competition 2011 & 2012 | Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP

MS Office Suite | Market Research | Supply Chain Planning | Business Development| Quantitative Modeling & Analytics


Thunderbird School of Global Management

Phoenix, AZ

MBA in Global Management

· Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory – Ministry of Agriculture of China - Reshaped the business strategy for the national lemon industry to compete against multinational citrus brands from US, and augment domestic market share. Identified inh…

Thunderbird School of Global Management ...

About Thunderbird School of Global Management

Thunderbird School of Global Management, the world’s first graduate school focused exclusively on international business, has more than 60 years of experience in developing global leaders. 

Thunderbird is also the world’s first business school to adopt a Professional Oath of Honor, ratified by the Faculty Senate and Board of Trustees in 2006. 

About 40 percent of the school’s professors and 60 percent of its students originate from outside the United States, while its alumni live and work in more than 140 countries. 

Thunderbird is based near Phoenix, Arizona, with satellite offices in Russia and Switzerland.

The Most Relaxing Island Resorts On Earth (PHOTOS) ...

These five retreats absolutely will not disappoint. 

Though they couldn't be much further apart, they share a single common characteristic: They are all thoughtful designed and laid out. 

These resorts don't allow travelers to de-stress by creating an environment of faux luxury, but by giving them beach access and beautiful views then getting out of the way.

Matemo, Mozambique

Set in the Quirimbas archipelago off the coast of Mozambique, the up and coming African destination, Matemo offers the amenities on tap in more frequented spots and the florid strangeness of Africa. 

The local cooking is extraordinary, as is the friendliness of the islanders, for whom tourism is becoming a mainstay. Divers will also have the chance to explore an underwater ecosystem as well preserved as the groves on shore.

Cayo Espanto, Belize

A tiny islet off Belize's Caribbean coast, Cayo Espanto has South Pacific-style overwater bungalows a distinctly local laid back atmosphere. 

The luxurious rooms have…

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: Top ten quotes of Davos 2013



By: Ceri Parker
Jan 26th 2013

A round-up of startling facts and rhetorical feats from a week of impassioned debate in Davos.

“In the worst climate scenario, my kids will live in a world without coral reefs, with acid oceans and with wars fought over water.”
Jim Yong Kim, President of The World Bank, in An Insight, An Idea

“Leave the office at 5.30, take Wednesday afternoon off, don’t fill in your timesheet… Dare the difference and deliver.”
Christine LaGarde, Managing Director of the IMF, in Women in Economic Decision-making

“As a boy, I studied in the dirt. There was no classroom. Education made me what I am, it made my dream come true… I shared my message with refugee children: Don’t lose hope, study hard. I did it, you can do it too.”
Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, in The Global Education Imperative

“A hacker to me is someone creative who does wonderful things.”
Tim Berners-Lee , inventor of the World Wide Web, in An Insight, An Idea

“The old regimes will not come back… I…


60Bill Marler ‏@bmarler

@I_Mango_Org@CafeTerraBlog still going - trial in Spring.

With this "Tweet" the IMO was informed on January 13, 2013 By the lead Attorney that the trial date for Larry Nienkirk and Splendid Products in the food poisoning (Salmonella Braenderup, Worthington) has been set.

Larry Nienkirk was responsible for financing the Daniella mango operation in Mexico and the actual Importing and distributing of the Daniella label  mangoes in the North American market at the tail end of the 2012 Mexican mango season.

In addition Mr. Nienkirk was complicit in  misleading the USA and Canadian consumer by making false statements about the "Food Safety" worthiness of said mangoes.

Mr. Nienkirk approved the unauthorized use of stickers and mango box artwork that claimed that the mangoes had been subjected to Primus Lab audits which never took place.

There is some question as to whether or not The Liability Insurance that Mr. Nienkirk & Splendid Products claim to …