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¿Cuánto cuesta el auto más caro del mundo? ...

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 03:36 PM PST


El Lycan Hypercar tiene faros de diamantes incrustados y asientos de cuero cosidos con hilos de oro. Alcanza los 395 km por hora

El automóvil más caro del mundo cuesta 3,4 millones de dólares y se expone por primera vez dentro de la III edición del Salón del Motor de Qatar, dijo este jueves a EFE Ralph Debbas, el director ejecutivo de la empresa libanesa que lo fabrica, W Motors.

Este vehículo cuenta con faros de diamantes incrustados y asientos de cuero cosidos con hilo de oro, además de un sistema de apertura de puertas a la inversa y una pantalla Virtual 3D holográfica con interacción táctil de última generación.

Debbas explicó que este año se fabricarán sólo siete vehículos Lycan Hypercar, nombrado en honor a una especie de lobo y que se empezará a distribuir en septiembre.

El fabricante ya ha recibido numerosos pedidos de potenciales compradores; la mayoría, de la región del Golfo, aunque también hay pedidos de China, Rusia y Estados Unidos.

El autom…

WORST NIGHTMARE: What has Hugo Chávez wrought in Venezuela? ...



JANUARY 28, 2013


About the Tower of David, which is the world’s tallest slum, and the man who runs it, Alexander (El Niño) Daza. 

Hugo Chávez has said that he wants to remake Venezuela into “a sea of happiness and of real social justice and peace.” His pronounced goal was to elevate the poor. 

In Caracas, the country’s capital, the results of his fitful campaign are plain to see. 

For decades, as one of the world’s most oil-rich nations, Venezuela had a growing middle class, with an impressively high standard of living. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the rest of Latin America and from Europe helped give Caracas a reputation as one of the region’s most attractive and modern cities.

 That city is barely perceptible today. 

After decades of neglect, poverty, corruption, and social upheaval, Caracas has deteriorated beyond all measure. 

It has one of the highest homicide rates in the world; last year, in a city of three million, an estimat…


Poised to cross over the 160,000 pageview threshold, January 2013 will set a new record for the Mango World Magazine (IMO BLOG). 

Lowest daily pageviews were 4,056 and the peak was 6,321 with an average of  over 5,000 daily pageviews for the month of Jauary 2013.

TOP TEN Pageviews by Countries

Entry Pageviews

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United Kingdom

















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13 Banned Foods Still Allowed In The U.S. !!! ...

Jan 28 2013

photo credit: Lauren Welter

By Cristina Goyanes, Shape

You think the FDA has your back? 

Sure, they recently proposed two new regulations to up food safety measures, specifically how food processors and farmers can work better to keep their fresh products free of dangerous bacteria (remember that killer cantaloupe outbreak from 2011?). 

But while it may seem like the government is out to protect us from bad–even fatal–food-borne illnesses, which cause some 3,000 deaths a year, they don’t completely have our best interest–or health–in mind.

“For numerous suspicious and disturbing reasons, the U.S. has allowed foods that are banned in many other developed countries into our food supply,” says nutritionist Mira Calton who, together with her husband Jayson Calton, Ph.D., wrote the new book Rich Food, Poor Food due out in February.

During a six-year expedition that took them to 100 countries on seven continents, the Caltons studied more than 150 ingredients and put together a comprehe…

Perú: Mango, los exportadores informales deberían realizar más monitoreos ...

31 de enero de 2013

APEM explica que al menos 140 empresas se suman a los envíos cada campaña. Es importante controlar el color y la dulzura (punto de madurez) desde la cosecha.

Las empresas nuevas en el negocio de la exportación de mango a Estados Unidos deberían realizar más monitoreos de calidad, sostuvo Juan Carlos Rivera, gerente general de la Asociación Peruana de Productores y Exportadores de Mango (APEM).

Precisó que al menos 140 compañías exportan la fruta por primera vez cada campaña al mercado americano. Alrededor de 60 son las que lo hacen con constancia, indicó. “Son nuevos y no conocen la industria”, opinó, refiriéndose a los primeros.

Agregó que el volumen de exportación de las nuevas empresas es “bajo” y que su participación en el negocio suele ser especuladora. “Son los que producen los impagos, ya que son gente que prueba el negocio y si les va mal se van”, afirmó.

Rivera señaló que su comportamiento daña la imagen del mango peruano, ya que cuando una parte del producto e…

STRATFOR ANALYSIS: The Consequences of Intervening in Syria ...

"The Consequences of Intervening in Syria is republished with permission of Stratfor."

Read more: The Consequences of Intervening in Syria | Stratfor

January 31, 2013 | 1030 GMT


By Scott Stewart
Vice President of Analysis

The French military's current campaign to dislodge jihadist militants from northern Mali and the recent high-profile attack against a natural gas facility in Algeria are both directly linked to the foreign intervention in Libya that overthrew the Gadhafi regime. 

There is also a strong connection between these events and foreign powers' decision not to intervene in Mali when the military conducted a coup in March 2012

The coup occurred as thousands of heavily armed Tuareg tribesmen were returning home to northern Mali after serving in Moammar Gadhafi's military, and the confluence of these events resulted in an implosion of the Malian military and a power vacuum in the north. 

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and other jihadists were able to ta…


"Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!"

Sir Walter Scott

Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.
Scottish author & novelist (1771 - 1832)


Primus Labs has confirmed that the artwork used by Agricola Daniella and it's USA distributor was not current nor was it authorized.

In addition, Primus Labs also confirmed that neither company was currently participating in any Primus Labs certification program.

As a 40 year veteran and revered member of the Mango industry and the National Mango Board, Larry Nienkirk had both a legal and a moral obligation to the USA and Canadian consumers when he and his company imported and distributed Nationally both in Canada and USA product that was fraudulently labeled.

From Wikipedia:

False advertising or deceptive advertising is the use of false or misleading statements in advertising.

 As advertising has the potential to…


Learning about mangoes

Posted By Kevin Watler

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 7:55 pm

Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits around. 

One way to ensure you can enjoy them is to have a tree of your own.

With that in mind a mango tree grafting workshop was held last weekend at the Queen Elizabethh II Botanic Park. 

Nursery manager Michael Ferrero gave demonstrations to participants. 

With the knowledge learned, some participants should now be able to grow their own sweet mangoes.

The 4 most popular varieties of mangos were selected for the workshop, including the East Indian, Julie, Bombay and Nam Dok Mai.