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KRISHNA DISTRICT, INDIA: Mango farmers expect bumper yield ...


A farmer showing a mango tree in full bloom at Nekkalam Gollagudem village in Krishna district. 

 A girl having a look at the bunch of mangoes in an orchid at Adavi Nekkalam crossroad.— Photo: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar

Flowering is good and climate is conducive, say farmers

If we think of sweet mangoes, the name ‘Nuzvid Rasalu’ strikes the mind immediately. This year, the famous ‘Chinna Rasalu’, ‘Banginapalli’ and other varieties are ready to delight your taste buds.

“Krishna district, particularly Nuzvid, is known for ‘Chinna Rasalu’. Every year, we send thousands of tonnes of this variety of mango to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and other places,” said farmers of mango orchards.

The flowering was good and there were no pest attacks on the crop so far in the region. There would be good production by March-end if the situation continues to be friendly, they stated. The flowers of the mango trees were seen with full bloom in the orchards at Nuzvid, Agiripally, Nunna, Thotlavall…

Berlín: Fruit Logistica 2013 abre sus puertas ...

"Hoy en la FRUIT LOGISTICA, mañana en las estanterías de las tiendas de alimentación." - así se puede resumir desde el punto de vista del comercio y del consumidor esta feria líder del comercio internacional hortofrutícola. 

Desde hoy al viernes 8 de febrero de 2013, 2.543 expositores provenientes de 78 países presentan en Berlín no solamente toda la oferta de productos y servicios que componen el tan variado suministro de frutas y verduras frescas a los consumidores, como también traen numerosas innovaciones del sector muy interesantes, las cuales proporcionan al comercio impulsos valiosos que hacen la oferta a los consumidores todavía más atractiva y variada. 

Unos 55.000 profesionales de alto nivel de 120 países acudirán al certamen en Berlín. El 90 por ciento de los expositores y un 80 por ciento de los profesionales provienen del extranjero. Eso hace de la FRUIT LOGISTICA una de las ferias más internacionales del mundo. 

Estadística del comercio hortofrutícola mundial

República Dominicana: Feda dará préstamos a productores mangos ...

6 de febrero de 2013

El Fondo Especial para el Desarrollo Agropecuario (Feda) y el Instituto Agrario Dominicano otorgarán un financiamiento a los productores de mango de Baní por RD$42 millones para mejorar la producción y la comercialización, y rehabilitar el sistema de riego.

Así lo informó el director del Feda, Antonio López, quien dijo que “a los productores de mango de Baní le tenemos un financiamiento de RD$26 millones”, que incluye un aporte de RD$11 millones del IAD, para mejorar la producción y comercialización, y rehabilitar el sistema de riego.

Los productores de mango de Villa Fundación, de Baní, han estado denunciando que su proyecto está prácticamente abandonado, debido al deterioro del sistema de riego que ha causado la desaparición de miles de matas de la fruta.

El presidente Danilo Medina estuvo de visita en esa zona el mes pasado y prometió a esos productores un financiamiento de RD$51 millones para apoyarlos en la producción de mango.

La semana pasada, el mini…



Keeping a critical eye on weather and diligent application of fungicides can prevent serious crop loss and post harvest disasters once fruit sets and into mango season...



"Little Alert: for mango growers: Recent week was very wet & humid.........and still it continues...............doapply proper fungicides against anthracnose (blossom blight) & stem end rots.........powdery mildew............among insects, thrips & especially hopper has become serious insect some pest scouting............preventiion is always better than cure................ — with Hina Shanakhat."


"Today I am a little worried.................there were many calls from different growers..............they had many things but two were the most important points......................

1. SSP "single super phosphate" fertilizer: growers were asking tell us from where we can source the reliable brand?...........i had no answer for that.....…


Visit United Fresh at Fruit Logistica 2013

Come See Us at Hall 23/Stand F-12

Attend Tonight's Global Produce Reception

17:00 – 19:00
Hall 23/Stand F-12

The United Fresh Team is in Berlin and looks forward to seeing you at Hall 23/Stand F-12! The United Fresh stand will serve as the destination for members attending Fruit Logistica.

 At the stand, you’ll be able to network with fellow members and meet with United Fresh staff to learn about United Fresh 2013 in San Diego, CA, May 14-16, 2013, executive development programs for global produce leaders and programs in food safety and supply chain management, research on consumer trends and more.

Be sure to stick around for the Global Produce Reception tonight! This is a must-attend event as produce industry leaders from across the world will be in attendance to network and build new business connections.

For more information contact Miriam Wolk, vice president, membership and marketing at 202-303-3410 or by email at

HOPE FOR AFRICA: Research based advice for farmers ...

FEBRUARY 6, 2013 10:39 AM

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An ICT service provides farmers with research-based advice to boost food production

Based on information from soil samples in Africa, ICT tools have been developed to gather more specific information and disseminate research results to farmers by using text messages.

The African Soil Information Service (AfSIS) aims to serve African farmers by developing ICTs that gather relevant information, analyse it and translate it into valuable information that can be sent to end users by a text message service. 

Once information from the field has been collected and analysed, AfSIS can inform farmers of a certain crop’s productivity. 

For example, they can inform the farmers that they have a potential of getting 40 bags of maize from one acre of land compared to the six or five bags they are currently getting by applying a…