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STILL NO PLAN: National Mango Board partners with CPS ...

02/26/2013 1:21:43 PM

Mike Hornick

The National Mango Board, whose first food safety conference is set for March 6, recently became one of several industry partners funding Center for Produce Safety research.

The Mango Food Safety Conference will be in McAllen, Texas, in connection with the America Trades Produce Conference & Expo. Retail, foodservice and government representatives are expected to address issues facing growers, packers and importers, Bill Vogel, board chairman and president of Vision Produce Co., said in a news release.

The Center for Produce Safety and its partners plan to fund $3 million in food safety research this year. The application deadline is March 28.

The board’s mango-specific research priorities include questions raised by the hot water treatments required of most imported fruit. 

Importers and exporters want to know if the treatments pose a cross contamination risk, and whether mangoes can internalize pathogens as a result. The treatments aim to eradicate f…

UPDATED: Mexican mangoes off to slower start ...

02/26/2013 2:22:22 PM

Andy Nelson

Courtesy Central American Produce  

(UPDATED COVERAGE, 4:28 p.m., Feb. 26) The Mexican mango deal got off to a slower start this season, but Central America will still be in the mix heading into spring.

Mexican mango volumes will likely break another record in 2013, but in February the deal was getting off to a slow start, said Chris Ciruli, partner in Nogales, Ariz.-based Ciruli Bros.

“From what we’re hearing, there aren’t huge volumes of early fruit,” Ciruli said. “The numbers will increase later in the deal.”

Ciruli is still confident that the Mexican mango deal will continue on its trajectory of 10-15% annual growth and set another record in 2013.

Pompano Beach, Fla.-based Central American Produce began importing mangoes from Nicaragua the week of Feb. 18 and expected to begin its Mexican deal the week of March 4 and its Guatemalan harvest the week of March 11, said Sabine Henry, saleswoman.

The company should wind down its Peruvian mango deal by mid-Mar…

Mexican mangoes prepare to take the spotlight ....

02/25/2013 9:41:14 AM

Mike Hornick

It’s Mexico’s turn to export mangoes.

Consumers are about to see the bright yellow and orange ataulfo variety hit retail displays, bringing an alternative to the Peruvian kents that have lately dominated the market.

“We expect to start harvesting mangoes right after Presidents’ Day weekend,” said Chris Ciruli, partner in Nogales-based Ciruli Bros. LLC. The grower-shipper, which markets ataulfos under the Champagne label, expects to start selling the fruit from its Nogales and Donna, Texas, facilities around Feb. 22.

Ciruli’s Mexican mango production starts in Chiapas. By the third week of March, the company expects to start harvesting some crops out of Oaxaca.

Farmer’s Best International, Nogales, also expects to start its Mexican mango production with ataulfos in late February. The fruit is available through June or into July.

Other varieties — hadens, kents, tommy atkins, keitts — will hit the market by summer. The ataulfo is promoted for its nonfibrous, …

CarbAmericas Begins Nicaraguan Mango Season ...

by CarbAmericas

Posted: 2013-02-26 08:58:28 EST

Pompano Beach, FL - CarbAmericas, an importer of fresh fruits & vegetables since 1993, has announced they will be starting their Nicaraguan mango season. 

 The season begins the end of February and lasts through the month of April. 

 Primarily Tommy Atkins variety, some Keitts and Altalufo mangoes also make their way into the US. 

 The majority of refrigerated sea container shipments will be received into the ports of South Florida over the next two months, with some shipments into the Northeast as well as Los Angeles ports on the west coast USA. 

COMPANY BIO - Establishing relationships with both growers from Central and South America as well as retail, wholesale and food service customers in the United States, CarbAmericas have evolved as a premiere importer of fresh fruits and vegetables.

 With headquarters in Pompano Beach FLorida, and divisions in New Jersey and Los Angeles, California,  CarbAmericas is positioned to give customers …