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Greetings Mango Industry,

Identifying tools to reduce the risk of food safety issues in the mango industry is the push behind our upcoming Mango Food Safety Conference in McAllen, TX on March 6

We’re very excited and look forward to the event and I’d like to thank our current sponsors: GM Produce Sales, HarvestMark and PrimusLabs.

Attendees will hear from food safety expert, Dr. Sergio Nieto-Montenegro, as he reviews his preliminary findings of his recent risk assessment among exporters and importers. 

In addition, attendees will hear from and have the opportunity to engage with industry members who’ve experienced a food safety issue, including a recall. 

A retailer and foodservice operator will also share their expectations of how FSMA will impact their produce buying, while representatives from TIPA and FPAA discuss how they believe it may impact the industry. 

USDA will also provide an overview of FDA’s proposed produce safety regulation published as a result of FSMA and provide inform…


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Ralph MonthienvichienchaiImperial College alumnus Ralph Monthienvichienchai established ‘MADD’, the UK's first dessert haven for mango lovers based in London’s Soho district.

Ralph MonthienvichienchaiUndergraduate: Biomedical Sciences Nationality: Thai Employment after studying at Business School: Founder and Director of MADD London I'm: Stubborn, impatient and an optimist If you had one wish, what would it be? To grow a group of diverse international businesses, where each is unique, and brings new experiences to the local market.

Connect with Ralph on Linkedin Tell us about your company and how did it come about? How long has it been operating for?

 is a haven for dessert lovers. Since its conception in February 2011, the desserts and drinks lounge has been fuelling Soho foodies with a much needed sugar rush. MADD stems from the words Mango and Addiction and aims to deliver the all-day dessert lounge concept to Londoners.

What attracted you to start your own business and how is…

Sequestration Effects on the US Supply Chain

February 28 - No doubt the US government needs to do a bit of fiscal trimming, however the process for automatic across the board cuts to government agencies set to begin March 1, may be a major shock to a fragile economy, if indeed it occurs. 

Some economists have noted GDP may slow by 0.4% this year, down from about 2% to 1.6% as a result of these automatic cuts. 

With total cuts amounting to about $1.2 trillion over the next ten years, it is anybody's guess to what the effects may bring.

The cuts are to be split 50-50 between defense and domestic discretionary spending.

 For the supply chain industry, this means cuts to such government agencies as the Department of Health and Human Services' Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) as well as to the Department of Homeland Security's Customs Border and Patrol (CBP). 

Many other agencies will also see financial cuts that could negatively affect the supply chain in…

Wal-Mart Struggles to Restock Store Shelves as U.S. Sales Slump ...

Wal-Mart Struggles to Restock Store Shelves as U.S. Sales Slump Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg An employee stocks the beer cooler at a Wal-Mart store in Alexandria, Virginia. For much of its history, Wal-Mart has been considered a master of logistics, persuading suppliers to set up shop near its operations.

By Renee Dudley - Feb 28, 2013 9:41 AM ET

Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT), already struggling to woo shoppers constrained by higher taxes, is “getting worse” at keeping shelves stocked, the retailer’s U.S. chief told executives, according to minutes of an officers’ meeting obtained by Bloomberg News.

“We run out quickly and the new stuff doesn’t come in,” U.S. Chief Executive Officer Bill Simon said, according to the minutes of the Feb. 1 meeting. Simon said “self-inflicted wounds” were Wal-Mart’s “biggest risk” and that an executive vice president had been appointed to fix the restocking problem, according to the minutes.

Once a paragon of logistics, the world’s largest retailer has been trying t…

AUSTRALIA: New mango varieties could be commercially available in 5 years ...

Australia is in need of some new mango varieties. The work has already been done and new forms have been developed, though some growers have been frustrated by the long wait they have had to reach the trial stage.

The new varieties are owned by four different government departments and it has taken them four years to get to a stage where they can all agree on contractual terms. The varieties are now ready to be evaluated, but before this can take place the growers involved must also have contracts in place.

Gavin Scurr, Chairman of the Australian Mango Industry Association, explains the urgency involved in the process.

"Mangoes have a long term nature. Once proven it takes 10 years to reach commercial volumes, so the sooner we start, the sooner they are available commercially."

Gavin explains that the idea behind the new variety development is to increase yields.

"The new varieties are bred from Kensington Pride, which has fantastic flavour, but is relatively low yielding.…

LOGISTICS: Strikes disrupt Brazil's ports ...

Published: 26 February 2013

Dock workers in many of Brazil’s ports went on strike last Friday in the second salvo of action against proposed reforms of the waterfront from the government of President Dilma Rousseff

The first "salvo" against the controversial MP (Provisional Measure) 595 was reported last week - the boarding of crane delivery ship ZHEN HUA 10 while berthed alongside Embraport, Brazil’s newest box terminal in Santos, which is due to open later this year.

Some 50 dock workers boarded the vessel on Monday, February 18 and occupied it for almost two days, leaving only after promises that union workers could inspect (at close quarters) the unloading and assembling of container handling equipment at Embraport - three STS cranes and 11 RTGs. Workers from the OGMO casual labour pool want to make sure that there are no Chinese workers carrying out work that they believe should be theirs, and Embraport has agreed to this monitoring “on a one-off…

En infografía: Los cuatro latinoamericanos que podrían suceder al Papa Benedicto XVI ...

Cuatro latinoamericanos se perfilan como favoritos para suceder al Papa Benedicto XVI

Los religiosos son de México, Argentina, Honduras y Brasil

Publicado el 27 de feb de 2013 7:16 pm 

Foto: AFP

(Caracas, 27 de febrero – Noticias24).- A un día de que se consolide la renuncia del Papa Benedicto XVI, ya son muchos los nombres que se escuchan de los posibles sucesores de la silla de San Pedro.

 Cuatro latinoamericanos destacan como favoritos para convertirse en Papa. Odilo Scherer, Arzobispo de Sao Paulo de 63 se perfila junto al Arzobispo de Tegucigalpa, Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga.

El cardenal argentino, Leonardo Sandri, de 69 años de edad, también suena como posible sucesor de Joseph Ratzinger al igual que el mexicano, José Francisco Robles, Arzobispo de Guadalajara.

Mango colombiano listo para entrar a EE.UU...

28 de febrero de 2013

La decisión fue notificada al Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario

A través de un comunicado del Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural de Colombia, se informó que el Servicio de Inspección de Sanidad Animal y Vegetal de EE.UU. (APHIS) autorizó el ingreso del mango fresco en rodajas o pre-cortado proveniente de Colombia.

Esta aceptación fue notificada al Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA), quienes ven con buenos ojos la resolución ya que le permitirá a la industria local ampliar las oportunidades de exportación de sus productos.

Colombia cuenta con 18.500 hectáreas destinadas a la producción de mango, y la mayor parte es destinada al mercado interno. Hasta ahora, las exportaciones demango colombiano han sido en su mayoría en pulpa, alcanzando las 3 mil toneladas al año, mientras que en fresco sólo alcanzan las 50 toneladas, destinadas principalmente a Europa y Japón.

Entre los requisitos establecidos para ingresar al exigente mercado de EE.UU., destaca que deb…

LOGISTICS: ILA, USMX Extend Deadline for Local Talks ...

February 27, 2013 - The International Longshoremen's Association and employers have set a new March 8 deadline for negotiation of local contracts that supplement a coast wide master agreement covering dockworkers at East and Gulf Coast ports.

When the ILA and United States Maritime Alliance reached tentative agreement earlier this month on a Maine-to-Texas coast wide contract, they set a "soft" target of March 1 for completing local contracts covering port-specific issues.

The ILA and USMX extended the deadline by a week in order to give local negotiators a final chance to complete bargaining on local agreements before the ILA's 200-member wage scale committee meets March 12-14 in Tampa.

Although the ILA and USMX agreed Feb. 1 on a six-year master contract for East and Gulf Coast ports, their agreement was contingent on settlement of supplemental local contracts, and on ratification by both sides.

Several ports have completed bargaining on their local contracts covering …