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Gambia: GCP, GHE Sow the Seeds of Mango Out-Grower ...

1 MARCH 2013

An agreement to test and develop the establishment of a commercial mango farming system and strengthen the capacity of smallholder farms in The Gambia was signed on Tuesday 26 February 2013 between Gambia Horticultural Enterprise, GHE, and The Gambia Growth and Competitiveness Project, GCP.

GHE is one of two private investor farms selected to work with mango growers of The Gambia under the GCP mango out-grower programme.

The aim is to enable the production of a consistent volume and quantity of new and existing mango varieties for the fresh fruits export market. It also seeks to link growers to the international market supply chain, particularly for the export of premium grade mangoes.

Soon after signing the agreement Momodou Ceesay, the Managing Director of GHE, expressed delight in being one of the investors selected for the small-scale establishment of mango orchards and the linkage between the small out-growers and mango farms.

"We have some experience in mango produc…

HIGH HOPES: Ciruli expects to see growth in mango deal for company ...

by Rand Green | March 01, 2013

Ciruli Brothers, LLC in Nogales, AZ, is involved in marketing a number of vegetable commodities from Mexico throughout the fall and winter season. 

Come spring, the company continues with many of its vegetable items and also adds mangoes to the mix. 

Mangoes, and particularly the yellow Ataulfo variety which Ciruli Brothers markets under the brand name “Champagne Mango,” are a major focus for the firm.

This spring, Chris Ciruli, chief operating officer at Ciruli Brothers, expects to see an increase in mango volume,Chris Ciruli both for the company and for the industry as a whole, in the U.S. market.

“We always hope to increase in the mango deal,” Mr. Ciruli told The Produce News. “The mango deal out of Mexico, not only for ourselves but just the deal in general, has been growing at about a 10 to 15 percent clip a year, and I don’t see anything that would hold that back.”

At Ciruli Brothers, “we will start swinging into [the mango program] about the 18th [of Fe…

FOCUS ON NUTRITION: The local food revolution in Brazil's schools ...

Kei Otsuki 

Kei Otsuki is a research associate at United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace. She works on transformative social change for sustainable development in Latin America, Asia and Africa. She is also an author for the new Routledge Studies in Sustainable Development Series.

Changes in public sector food procurement in Brazil have improved the quality of school meals, writes author.

Last Modified: 01 Mar 2013 10:51

Brazil has shifted public food procurement from an industrialised and centralised system to a localised farm system over the past 15 years [AFP]

Discussions about the green economy are shifting the emphasis of development from quantity to quality: the narrow focus on economic growth is opening up to include concerns about environmental sustainability and social equity. 

Public sector food procurement is one area where price concerns have typically triumphed over nutritional value. 

But, in countries like Brazil, the growing evidence of health proble…