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Venezuela after Chávez

Now for the reckoning

Mar 5th 2013, 22:34 by The Economist online | CARACAS

IN THE flesh he seemed indestructible. Hugo Chávez was not especially tall, but he was built like one of the tanks he once commanded. He was possessed of seemingly inexhaustible energy. He travelled incessantly, both around his vast country and abroad. Each Sunday he would host live television shows lasting up to 12 hours. He would ring up ministers in the early hours of the morning to harangue them.

 For 14 years, everything that happened in Venezuela passed through his hands, or so he liked to think.

Yet Mr Chávez turned out to have been as reckless with his health as with his country’s economy and its democracy. 

Those late nights were fuelled by dozens of cups of sweet Venezuelan coffee. When in mid-2011 he revealed that he had been operated on for cancer, the lack of detail (“a baseball-sized tumour in the pelvic region”) suggested that the diagnosis had come late. 

He turned down an offer…


Semitruck carrying mangoes flips on I-10

As seen on KFOX14 News

A KFOX14 viewer snapped a photo of a semitruck on its side along Interstate 10 West.

The picture was taken Tuesday.

A semitruck with mangoes as cargo flipped on its side on I-10 West near Mesquite.

Authorities said a driver of a semitruck took his eyes off the road for a second, but by the time he looked up, he hit another semitruck carrying mangoes.

The driver was cited.

No injuries were reported.

Only busted pallets and a few bruised mangoes.

"CHAVEZ HA MUELTO" : Maduro anuncia la muerte de Hugo Chávez ...

Día 05/03/2013 - 23.04h

El vicepresidente de Venezuela confirma el fallecimiento del comandante a las 22.55 hora española

Nicolás Maduro ha comparecido en Venezuela para anunciar la muerte de Hugo Chávez. Sobre las 22.55 hora española el vicepresidente de Venezuela ha confirmado el fallecimiento del comandante víctima del cáncer de pelvis que se había extendido al pulmón.

Maduro, visiblemente emocionado, ha calificado el fallecimiento de una «tragedia histórica».

Hugo Chavez, passionate but polarizing Venezuelan president, dead at 58 ...

View Photo Gallery — Hugo Chavez dies at 58: The charismatic and omnipresent Venezuelan president died on March 5, 2013 at age 58.

By Juan Forero, Updated: Tuesday, March 5, 5:14 PM

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who went from a young conspiratorial soldier who dreamed of revolution to the fiery anti-U.S. leader of one of the world’s great oil powers, died March 5 in Caracas of complications from an unspecified cancer in his pelvic area.

He was 58 and had been president since 1999, longer than any other democratically elected leader in the Americas. Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced the death.

Mr. Chavez first revealed in a brief, dramatic television address in June 2011 that he had undergone two surgical procedures in Cuba. He would go under the knife two more times, greatly weakening the once robust leader. Mr. Chavez had been elected in October 2012 to a third six-year term. But he missed his swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 10 while lying gravely ill in a Havana hospital after un…

Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) To Offer Comments On Product Tracing Pilot Report

by PMA
Posted: 2013-03-05 08:53:46 EST

The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), designed to help the produce industry maximize the effectiveness of current trac back procedures, is currently developing a response to the Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT) 10 recommendations released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the document entitled Pilot Projects for Improving Product Tracing along the Food Supply System Final Report.

The PTI community with the coordination of its four administering organizations (Canadian Produce Marketing Association, GS1 US, Produce Marketing Association, and United Fresh Produce Association) will work to collect industry feedback and commentary on each of the 10 recommendations outlined in the report.

The FDA is now seeking comments on the pilot project final report as a next step in the process of submitting the findings to Congress and developing proposed traceability rules in support of the Food Safety Modernization Act. The volunteer members …

STRAFOR: Europe, Unemployment and Instability ...

"Europe, Unemployment and Instability is republished with permission of Stratfor."

Read more: Europe, Unemployment and Instability | Stratfor

March 5, 2013 | 1000 GMT


By George Friedman
Founder and Chairman

The global financial crisis of 2008 has slowly yielded to a global unemployment crisis. This unemployment crisis will, fairly quickly, give way to a political crisis. 

The crisis involves all three of the major pillars of the global system -- Europe, China and the United States

The level of intensity differs, the political response differs and the relationship to the financial crisis differs. But there is a common element, which is that unemployment is increasingly replacing finance as the central problem of the financial system.

Europe is the focal point of this crisis. 

Last week Italy held elections, and the party that won the most votes -- with about a quarter of the total -- was a brand-new group called the Five Star Movement that is led by a professional comedian.…