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INDIA: Karnataka set to reap bumper mango crop ...

Karnataka is in for a bumper mango harvest this year, with production expected to more than double at 700,000-800,000 metric tonnes, compared to 300,000 tonnes last year.

"Despite drought in a majority of the growing regions for the past two years, the state is set for a bumper crop this year as mango is a dry-land fruit and does not require irrigation. The moisture levels were good in most of the areas, though there was drought. However, the fruit size will depend on the rains in March or early April," S V Hittalmani, additional director (fruits and flowers), department of horticulture said.

He said the year 2012 was an 'Off Year' and so the production was around 300,000 tonnes, leading to a huge rise in the prices. However, this year, he expects prices to come down due to a bumper crop. The bumper crop is expected in view of widespread flowering in December and January this year.

K Rudresha, deputy director, Karnataka State Mango Development and Market Corporation (KS…

Enfoque AFP: de Cuba a Venezuela, con Fidel y sin Chávez, dos “sucesiones” y grandes diferencias ...

Publicado el 14 de mar de 2013 2:51 pm |

Foto: Estudio Revolución / La Habana, Cuba/Archivo

(Caracas, 14 de marzo – AFP) – Dos regímenes socialistas, dos legados, dos líderes máximos, carismáticos y controvertidos que dejaron el mando, uno por muerte y otro por enfermedad, con sucesores por ellos designados: Cuba y Venezuela, dos transiciones con algunas similitudes y grandes diferencias.

Aunque sus gobiernos y seguidores rechazan los paralelismos entre ambos países atados económica y políticamente, la muerte del presidente Hugo Chávez, hijo político de Fidel Castro, rememoró esa alianza en Venezuela, inmersa ya en una dura campaña para designar al nuevo gobernante en elecciones el 14 de abril.

“Con Cuba seguimos firmes”, afirmó esta semana el presidente encargado y candidato oficialista, Nicolás Maduro, a quien la oposición ha llamado despectivamente el “candidato de La Habana”.

“Esto no es Cuba, el gobierno cubano no va a mandar en Venezuela, aquí estamos millones de venezolanos que vamo…

What Will Become Of Chavez's Gold Hoard ???...

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/13/2013 22:04 -0400

Guest Post
International Monetary Fund

Authored by Peter Christian Hall, originally posted at Reuters,

In August 2011, while undergoing cancer treatments that ultimately failed him, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez began withdrawing 160 tons of gold from U.S., European and Canadian banks. 

“It’s coming to the place it never should have left. ... The vaults of the central bank of Venezuela, not the bank of London or the bank of the United States. It’s our gold,” he said on national television as crowds cheered armored trucks carrying an initial bullion shipment to the central bank.

While Chávez suggested the gold repatriation might forestall a Libya-style seizure of Venezuela’s assets by Western powers he had antagonized, IHS Global Insight analyst Diego Moya-Ocampos told Reuters it might stymie potential claims by foreign corporations seeking compensation for nationalizations they had end…