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Water Demands of Coal-Fired Power Drying Up Northern China ...

The coal industry withdraws 15 percent of China's water, much of it in arid northern China

By Coco Liu and ClimateWire

DRYING UP: China's total water reserves dropped 13 percent from 2000 to 2009, with the water shortage being particularly severe in the north. Pictured: coal-fired power plant outside of Beijing.Image: Flickr/Bret Arnett

SHANGHAI -- The world's biggest coal consumer now has a new incentive to take a cleaner energy path, as China's coal-fired power plants are drying up the country's already scarce water resources.

A report published today by Bloomberg New Energy Finance notes that the top five Chinese power generators -- China Huaneng Group, China Datang Corp., China Huadian Corp., China Guodian Corp. and China Power Investment Corp. -- have hundreds of gigawatts of coal-fired power plants in the country's dry north and that retrofitting them with water-efficient solutions could cost billions of dollars.

"Today, 85 percent of China's power ge…


Talks of a merger between Germany’s largest container shipping companies have been suspended because terms of a deal could not be reached.

Oetker Group, which owns Hamburg Süd, asked for the merger talks that began in December be suspended after the parties were unable to agree on the terms of a merger, Hapag-Lloyd said in a statement on Sunday.

Hamburg Süd on Monday confirmed that the talks have stalled temporarily but said that its Advisory Board and Executive Board hold the view that the merger of Hapag-Lloyd and Hamburg Süd would be of enormous benefit for both companies as well as for Hamburg as a shipping location.

Earlier this month, Hapag-Lloyd co-owner Klaus-Michael Kuehne said that if the merger were to happen it would have be a merger of equals

 If no agreement with Oetker could be reached, Kuehne would push for Hapag-Lloyd to go public on its own