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VENEZUELA: En FOTOS: Así se vive la Semana Santa en Los Roques (pa´los que no podemos ir) ...

marzo 28, 2013 9:02 pm

La Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias, logró estas imágenes en Los Roques, para todos aquellos que no fueron y que no han ido… Espectaculares imágenes de AVN.



As if the local Farmers needed to see it in writing.

This report shows that a 60% increase in volume netted a 2% gain in revenues versus last season.

Another way of putting this year's blood bath into perspective.


Peru's mango exports increased by 2%

The Association of Exporters (ADEX), reported that the exports of mango from Piura and its derivatives amounted to US$ 108.9 million in 2012, a 2.08% increase when compared to 2011’s US$ 106.7 million. Thus consolidating the northern region as the fruit's leading producer and distributor for international markets.

Piura's mango was exported in four modes. The principal was the fresh and dry mangoes with US$ 103.2 million, representing 94.7% of the total. Others are uncooked or boiled mangoes with US$ 4.1 million, prepared or preserved mangoes with 1.5 million and mango juice with US$ 54,000.

It should be noted that in 2012 Peru exported US$ 156.7 million in mangoes and that shipments from Piura (US$ 106.7 million) …

STRATFOR ANALYSIS: Israel's Insightful Cynicism ...

March 27, 2013 | 0901 GMT


By Robert D. Kaplan
Chief Geopolitical Analyst

Israel is in the process of watching a peace treaty unravel. 

I don't mean the one with Egypt, but the one with Syria. 

No, I'm not crazy. 

Since Henry Kissinger's shuttle diplomacy in 1974, the Israelis have had a de facto peace agreement of sorts with the al Assad family. 

After all, there were clear red lines that both sides knew they shouldn't cross, as well as reasonable predictability on both sides. Forget about the uplifting rhetoric, the requirement to exchange ambassadors and the other public policy frills that normally define peace treaties. What counts in this case is that both sides observed limits and constraints, so that the contested border between them was secure. Even better, because there was no formal peace agreement in writing, neither side had to make inconvenient public and strategic concessions. Israel did not have to give up the Golan Heights, for example. And if Syria ste…


Philippine government pledges support for mango farmers’ group

March 28th, 2013

The Philippine Department of Agriculture (DA) has announced it will provide PHP10 million (US$244,918) to a national mango farmers’ group.                                                                                                      

In a release, agriculture secretary Proceso J. Alcala said the money would fund major projects for the Philippine Mango Industry Foundation, Inc. (PMIFI), following PHP5 million (US$122,467) worth of financing given for farm equipment and inputs during a recent mango congress.

Alcala said projects would include the planting of recommended mango seedlings, the provision of postharvest equipment and facilities marketing assistance, and the capacity-building of PMIFI members.

The PMIFI was formed in 2001 and now has 1,000 farmer-members nationwide, belonging to 15 mango growers’ associations and federations.

The Philippines produced 767,851 metric tons (MT) of mangoes last year. The country exported mangoes at a value of US$58 million, rec…