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INDIA 2013 MANGO SEASON: Unseasonal rain causes widespread havoc in Karimnagar ...


The rainfall on Tuesday resulted in a large number of mangoes falling off trees at Sangareddy in Medak district. Photo: Mohd. Arif

The remains of the roof of a house after the rain at Sangareddy in Medak. Photo: Mohd. Arif

Several houses destroyed, roofs swept away

The sudden rains followed by strong gales caused extensive damage to the mango groves in various parts of Karimnagar district on Monday night.

The ripe mangoes, which were ready for plucking, were damaged following the storm and rains. Similarly, the maize crop was also flattened in several acres of land.

Crop damage was also reported in Yellareddypet, Sircilla, Gambhiraopeta, Mustabad, Vemulawada, Metpally, Konaraopeta, Chandurthi and other mandals.

Several trees were uprooted following the rains in the mandals. The officials said that the teams would visit the rain-affected mango groves to assess the crop damage and submit a report to the government for providing necessary compensation.

Hailstorms coupled with stro…

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: TECHO (Housing Latin America's poor) ...

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This article is about the non-profit organization. 

TECHO, also known as Un Techo para mi País (UTPMP) (Spanish for A Roof For My Country), is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes youth volunteers to fight extreme poverty in Latin America, by constructing transitional housing and implementing social inclusion programs. Working with more than 500,000 volunteers, it has constructed houses for more than 86,000 families in 19 countries.[1]

Un Techo para Chile was formerly a separate organization. As of 2012, Un Techo para mi Pais and Un Techo para Chile became one single institution called TECHO.[2]

TECHO (Un Techo para mi País)Founder(s) Felipe Berríos
Founded 1997

Headquarters Departamental 440, San Joaquín, Santiago, Chile
Area served Latin America

Method construction of transitional houses; social inclusion programs

Volunteers 500,000+

Motto:  "Youth building a Latin America without poverty"



Un Techo para Chi…

FOOD SAFETY: Q&A: Preventing Recalls In A Fast-Paced Industry ...

Wed, 03/20/2013 - 2:20pm 

Lindsey Jahn, Associate Editor, Food Manufacturing

This article originally ran in the March 2013 issue of Food Manufacturing.                                                                          

Interview with Barbara Levin, SVP and Co-Founder, SafetyChain Software

The FDA recently proposed new rules as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). 

As the food regulatory landscape continues to change quickly, it is more important than ever for food facilities to employ the latest technology to prevent product recalls before they occur. 

Barbara Levin of SafetyChain Software spoke with Food Manufacturing about how food safety software can help food manufacturers be proactive when it comes to food safety.

Q: What regulations are included in the new food safety rules recently proposed by the FDA?

A: The recently announced FSMA rules are still under review, so we’re not sure what the final rules will look like. One of the new rules is the Preventative Controls …



MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. to Sell 35% of its Terminal Division to Global InfrastructurMSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. to sell 35% of its terminal division to Global Infrastructure Partners

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (“MSC”) has reached agreement with Global Infrastructure Partners and a group of its LP Co-Investors (“GIP”) to sell 35% of Terminal Investment Limited SA (“TIL”). Consideration is US$1.929 billion, including certain payments contingent on TIL’s future performance. Closing is expected to take place in the middle of the year and is subject to obtaining the relevant approvals.

TIL has, or is in the process of acquiring, controlling or joint-controlling interests in 30 container terminals globally serving most of the world’s major trade routes and located in North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. TIL has grown rapidly over the last decade and is now the world’s sixth largest container terminal operator. 




By Will Cavan
Executive Director
International Mango Organization (IMO)
Mango World Magazine (MWM)

April 3, 2013

Winter Park, Florida -

With a lull in harvesting in Mexico for Easter week, mango prices remain near $6.00 per carton for Redskin Fruit.

Currently Central America is nearing peak production and Guatemala, the largest shipper, expects to peak within the next two weeks. IMO Sources are projecting that the increased volume will bring the market down to the $4.50 per 4 kg carton range by that time.

In the meantime early season districts in Mexico are winding down and the Michoacan volume is expected to coincide with the peak from Guatemala which will announce the beginning Mexican volume deal as Nayarit and Sinaloa come on line.

Ataulfo mangoes have dominated the crossings out of Mexico as is an increasing trend out of Mexico for the early season deal.

So far, markets have been relatively strong and shippers can be happy with current returns.



5 hours ago

By Will Woodlee, Contributing Editor

As vendors begin hawking peanuts in baseball stadiums across America this week, implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has stretched into its third spring. 

Due to FDA’s well-publicized delays in issuing required regulations, many of the law’s most demanding requirements have yet to take effect or be enforced. 

These delays make it difficult to assess the larger impacts of FSMA, which was widely viewed as the first major overhaul of the U.S. food safety laws in more than 70 years.

However, some self-executing FSMA provisions have been in effect long enough that there are initial data to review. These include the "employee protection" provisions added by section 402. Based on the early data, so-called "whistleblowers" have not fared well under the new law. 

Specifically, U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) statistics indicate that workers who have complained of retaliation for exposing potential food safety i…