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EURO MARKET: Juan Roig, presidente de Mercadona, el hombre que cumplió su sueño ....

El presidente de Mercadona forzó un pacto familiar para tomar las riendas en solitario en 1981 y adquirir la mayoría de la sociedad una década después Juan Roig forjó en su infancia y juventud la "cultura del esfuerzo" aplicada en la compañía

"Nadie se explica lo que es porque no lo parece". Así define a Juan Roig, dueño de Mercadona, un economista amigo del presidente del mayor imperio empresarial de la distribución comercial en España, con más de 70.000 empleados y una cifra de negocio anual que supera los 19.000 millones de euros. "Sólo en un país envidioso como España pueden alzarse barricadas desde las que disparar críticas contra la insólita y audaz aventura de este emprendedor", sostiene el periodista y escritor alicantino Manuel Mira, autor del libro 'Juan Roig, el emprendedor visionario'.

La última biografía publicada sobre el presidente de Mercadona relata la opinión de un centenar de testimonios que han tenido trato con el diseñador de la…


Ex-Peru President Pardoned 400 Drug Traffickers: Commission

Written by Michael Tatone
Monday, 01 April 2013

Former Peruvian President Alan Garcia

Former President of Peru Alan Garcia granted 400 presidential pardons for convicted drug traffickers during his second term in office in a controversial policy that has provoked political debate over Garcia's security policies.

The findings come from the congressional "mega-commission" formed to investigate constitutional infractions and allegations of corruption from the second Garcia administration, reported El Comercio.

According to the commission, the Garcia administration pardoned 5,500 individuals between 2006 and 2011, including 400 people incarcerated on drug charges.

InSight Crime Analysis

Members of the Garcia administration have been quick to defend the pardons. Garcia himself denied any wrongdoing. The former president said no gang members or high level traffickers were among those pardoned and claimed those released were …

INDIA: Mangoes start their annual visit ...

By Express News Service - THIRUVANANTHAPURAM

05th April 2013 09:33 AM

Mango season-2013 has come knocking with some of the sweetest varieties | EPS

Mango season-2013 has come knocking with some of the sweetest varieties like ‘Sindooram’ and ‘Panchavarnam’, but the big fear with regards the king of fruits this year is the practice of using chemicals to ripen the fruit artificially.

The Kerala State Horticulture Mission has already taken up the issue at a recent meeting of Horticulture Products Marketing Board in Bangalore, Mission Director K Prathapan said.

‘’We’ve raised the matter at the meeting and with agencies like the Mango Growers’ Association to make sure that chemically-treated, artificially-ripened mangoes are not brought into Kerala this year,’’ K Prathapan said.

‘’Chemicals like Calcium carbide are used to artificially ripen the fruit. They are toxic,’’ Prathapan said. ‘’What is being done is that Calcium carbide is applied on green mangoes and packed. Using chemicals like Cal…


Adding a twist to mango mania

Mango coconut gateau

12:00 AM
5 April 2013

The king of fruits is here. Mango is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruits with its unique flavour, fragrance, taste and health promoting qualities, making it a common ingredient in new functional foods often labelled as ‘super fruits’. Mango is one of the seasonal fruits that grow in the tropics. 

The mango tree is believed to have originated in the sub-Himalayan plains of the subcontinent. Mango is also the national fruit of Bangladesh, India, Philippines and Pakistan. 

The average weight of a mango is around 150 to 250g. The outer skin is smooth and green in un-ripe mangoes but turns into golden yellow, bright yellow or orange-red when ripened, depending upon the variety. 

The fresh mango season lasts from April until August. Thousands of varieties are cultivated and chefs around the world use this fruit for food festivals and promotions by creating new dishes. 

Mango is usually eaten for its taste. Howev…