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viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

En los últimos días, el mundo ha presenciado sistemáticos ataques decada uno de los miembros del gobierno de Nicolás Maduro y del mismo Maduro contra Henrique Capriles: candidato vencedor de la contienda electoral celebrada el 14 de Abril pasado en Venezuela.

Hemos sido testigos de una declaración de victoria apresurada por parte del CNE, quienes "legitimaron" la falsa y fraudulenta elección de Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuela hoy es una clara dictadura vestida con el disfrazáz de democracia, amparándose en unas falsas elecciones donde brilla el FRAUDE ELECTORAL, como son la manipulación de la maquinaria excrutinadora por parte del partido de Maduro, el PSUV, se ha comprobado que tenían las claves de acceso a la maquinaria que contabilizaba los votos, no contentos con esto, existió la multiple cedulacion, en la que incluso los muertos votaban, ... hasta el expresidente Hugo Chavez Frias... !!!, se comprobó igualmente que en el momento qn que la encargada d…

Is the Sinaloa Cartel Feeding Ecuador's Domestic Drug Trade?

Written by Elyssa Pachico

Thursday, 25 April 2013

A cocaine shipment seized in Ecuador

Reports from Ecuador highlight the size of its domestic drug market, although the country's biggest challenge may lie in the amount of narcotics moving through for international markets -- largely controlled by foreign groups like Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel.

As El Comercio reports, Ecuadorian police have identified more than 100 transit routes used to move drug shipments from Colombia and Peru into the country, as well as 10 cities used as the primary distribution points for the domestic drug trade, including the key port of Guayaquil, and capital Quito.

In southern Ecuador, the towns of Machala, Piñas, Zaruma, and El Guabo are used as the main entry points for cocaine shipments from Peru. Meanwhile, Quito's local drug market is fed by drug shipments that travel through the northern provinces of Sucumbios and Esmeraldas, on the Colombian border. Other cities also have extensive drug distribution…

Philippine mangoes a hit in Austria - sold out in 48 hours

By Roy C. Mabasa

Published: April 26, 2013

MANGOES – This file photo shows a sales lady arranging her best selling yellow and green mangoes along the national highway at Barangay Bana, in Caba, La Union. 

Mangoes are the main product in Caba town. 
(Photo by: ERWIN G. BELEO)

The Philippine mango, renowned the world over for its unique sweetness, fruity aroma and buttery flesh, has now captured the Austrian palate.

The first shipment of fresh mangoes flown directly from the Philippines to Austria earlier this month were sold out within 48 hours. 

In fact, according the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), the response was so overwhelming that orders were received from as far as the western Austrian states of Tirol and Vorarlberg, and half of the shipment was delivered to buyers outside Vienna.

According to the DFA, the entry of the fresh mangoes directly into the Austrian market is considered a landmark achievement since Philippine food products normally enter through big distribution monopoli…

MEXICAN MANGO MAFIA : Why Mexico's Zetas Expanded Faster than their Rivals

Written by Steven Dudley and Viridiana Rios* 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Zetas have perfected the use of extreme violence

The Zetas are not the only extremely violent, military-style criminal organization from Mexico

Yet, they are the only one that operates in 350 Mexican municipalities, as well as numerous others in Guatemala and Central America. 

Why have they been able to expand faster than their rivals?

The Zetas' expansion has been dizzying. 

A recent Harvard study** shows that since 1998, the Zetas have operated on average in 33 new municipalities every year. (See methodology for the study here in pdf.) 

The second most expansionist group, the Gulf Cartel, expanded by 19.7 new municipalities during the same time period. 

By 2010, the Zetas operated in 405 municipalities, 161 more than the Gulf Cartel, and was 2.3 times larger than theSinaloa cartel. (See maps of the Zetas' expansion from the study at the base of the article.)

Explaining how the Zetas were able to achieve this exp…