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Norma Schroeder: Fostering collaborative research addressing food supply resilience and sustainability

Written by Ed Peaco, Inside Homeland Security





The California Department of Food and Agriculture official works with the Naval Postgraduate School in developing models and simulations for disaster preparedness.

Norma Schroeder works to prepare California's disaster responders for all forms of situational threats to the food supply—natural or intentional, small or big. In recent years, she has widened her scope of concern to include shaping research on long-term disruption to the food supply, an endeavor that is beginning to bear fruit.

The Center for Infrastructure Defense (CID) at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) presented the opportunity for Ms. Schroeder to act on her concerns when in late 2010 it broadcast a statewide call for research topics in homeland security that had yet to be addressed. 

By responding to NPS, Ms. Schroeder, an Emergency Tr…


Opportunities in Phytosanitary Irradiation  for  Fresh Produce Workshop May 22-23, 2013

Offered by  USDA-APHIS and Chapman University

We are pleased to announce the third annual “Opportunities in Phytosanitary Irradiation for Fresh Produce Workshop”, May 22-23, 2013 at Chapman University in Orange, CA. 

Over the last three years Chapman University has partnered with US produce industries and USDA APHIS PPQ to conduct quality studies on a variety of fresh fruit. 

This project is funded by a USDA FAS Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops Grant and is designed specifically to assist in developing export markets for US commodities.

The meeting will include:

• Presentation of APHIS trade initiatives
• Trade potential for irradiated produce
• Overview of Regulatory Policies and Procedures for 

Phytosanitary Irradiation

• Results of research on quality of fruit and effects on invasive species 

• Grocery industry success stories

We hope that you will consider sending someone from your organization that wo…

U.S. Filmmaker Held in Venezuela Sought to Show Political Divide, Friends Say

Published: April 26, 2013

CARACAS, Venezuela — Just a few weeks ago, Tim Tracy spoke of his time shooting a documentary in Venezuela as a rollicking adventure and a filmmaker’s dream. Now he is under arrest, accused by the Venezuelan government of a different kind of adventure: taking part in what officials here said was a plot to destabilize the country and incite a civil war.

The government said Friday that Mr. Tracy, an American citizen, would be charged with involvement in acts of violence after the April 14 presidential election. Mr. Tracy was arrested by the intelligence police on Wednesday at the international airport near Caracas as he was about to leave the country, the government said.

Mr. Tracy was originally identified in a report released by Venezuela’s Information Ministry as Timothy Hallett. Hallett is his middle name.

Interior Minister Miguel Rodríguez said Thursday that Mr. Tracy had training as a spy and was part of a conspiracy to…

LOGISTICS : Delay in transport subsidy ruining mango export opportunities

By Debasis Sarkar, ET Bureau | 29 Apr, 2013, 04.41PM IST

Delayed approval on transport subsidy scheme for Mango is spoiling international trade opportunity of exporters from Malda in West Bengal to Bangladesh.

SILIGURI: Delayed approval on transport subsidy scheme for Mango is spoiling international trade opportunity of exporters from Malda in West Bengal to Bangladesh, the largest buyer of Indian mango.

"Smooth export to Bangladesh was a major hope for acceptable return for the whole mango trade community here. With average annual intake of over 1 lakh metric ton from India, Bangladesh used to be the largest importer of Malda Mango. Being perishable item, mango enjoys appreciable subsidy in freight and packaging cost if transported through air or water. But, we cannot avail them as surface transport is the only option for Malda mango to reach Bangladesh," said Mr. U.Saha, a leading mango exporter and Gen Secretary, West Bengal Exporters Coordination Committee. 

Malda and Mursh…

With 5 BILLION people coming online in the next 10 years what can we plan on in the New Digital Age?

by futurepredictions

Published on Jan 31, 2013

The New Digital Age is a book written by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen. Eric Schmidt is the Executive Chairman of Google and Jared Cohen is an international security advisor, founder and director of Google Ideas. 

This amazing book explores the implications this explosion will have in reshaping the future of people, nations and business.

Holographs in your living room:

Future videography and photography will allow you to project any still or moving image you've captured as a three-dimensional holograph....

Digital healthcare:

The diagnostic capability to monitor your well-being, such as microscopic robots in your circulatory system that keep track of your blood pressure, detect nascent heart disease and identify early-stage cancer. Inside your grandfather's new titanium hip there will be a chip that can act as a pedometer, monitor his insulin levels to check for the early stages of diabetes, and even trigger an automated phone call to an…


Ive Lambert, Starfruit:

There is an enormous shortage of mangoes on the market. "Because Peru sent a lot less volumes during the last week and the arrivals from Ivory Coast are delayed, we are quite a bit short," Ive Lambert of Starfruit says. 

"Most from Ivory Coast will arrive by sea around the 7th of May and therefore there is a shortage in between. Today we received the last container from Peru. The volumes, which are here now, are a drop in the ocean."

Less production in Casma

"Of course we have this change every year, but this time it is extra difficult. Peru is not finished earlier than other years, but have sent less volumes during the last weeks. There were a number of importers, who could continue rather long, like us. But each week the volumes disappointed more and more and this week arrival was minimal. There was quite a lot less production in Casma. 

Next week there is hardly any Kent available. Here and there a container from Mali may possibly arrive,…

Maduro ordenó detención de General que denunció injerencia cubana en ejercito de Venezuela

Pubilcado por gayala en Internacional el 28 abril, 2013 1:17 PM

La diputada María Corina Machado alertó a la comunidad nacional e internacional sobre la detención en Caracas del general retirado del Ejército, Antonio Rivero, por las autoridades de los Servicios Bolivarianos de Inteligencia Nacional (Sebin). 

Explicó que desde hace varios meses “el general Antonio Rivero ha denunciado la injerencia del régimen cubano en asuntos de Venezuela”.

En 2010, Rivero fue imputado por la Fiscalía Militar por los presuntos delitos de ultraje a la Fuerza Armada y revelación de noticias privadas o secretas, luego de que denunciara que personal militar cubano cumplía tareas de planificación y conformación de la organización militar venezolana, además del supuesto amedrentamiento llevado a cabo por los funcionarios extranjeros en dicha institución castrense, detalló Machado.

Agregó que estos delitos están tipificados con penas entre tres y diez años en el ordenamiento jurídico. Sin embargo, a Rivero se …

LOST OPPORTUNITY : Oil blessing a 'curse' for Venezuela tourism

Despite a plethora of potential attractions, Venezuela's reliance on black gold has left tourism somewhat neglected.

Chris Arsenault

Last Modified: 29 Apr 2013 09:18

Venezuela had 780,000 international visitors last year compared to 2 million in neighbouring Colombia [AFP]

Caracas, Venezuela - Despite international headlines focusing on political divisions, inflation and crime, Mary Lamas thinks Venezuela is a great place for vacation, as it boasts a warm climate, Amazonian jungle, large national parks, golden beaches and the world's highest waterfall.

"I would describe Venezuela as being unparalleled in terms of its physical beauty," Lamas, director of Cosmopolitan Tours, told Al Jazeera. "We have pretty much every type of climate in one country. But a mix of bad planning and the curse of black gold mean we take tourism for granted." 

Holder of the world's largest oil reserves, Venezuela received more than 780,000 international visitors last year, accord…

MEXICAN MANGO MAFIA : How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs

World news

Saturday 2 April 2011 19.04 EDT

As the violence spread, billions of dollars of cartel cash began to seep into the global financial system. 

But a special investigation by the Observer reveals how the increasingly frantic warnings of one London whistleblower were ignored

A soldier guards marijuana that is being incinerated in Tijuana, Mexico. Photograph: Guillermo Arias/AP

Ed Vulliamy

On 10 April 2006, a DC-9 jet landed in the port city of Ciudad del Carmen, on the Gulf of Mexico, as the sun was setting. Mexican soldiers, waiting to intercept it, found 128 cases packed with 5.7 tons of cocaine, valued at $100m. But something else – more important and far-reaching – was discovered in the paper trail behind the purchase of the plane by the Sinaloa narco-trafficking cartel.

During a 22-month investigation by agents from the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and others, it emerged that the cocaine smugglers had bought the plane with money they had launde…