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A special report on Latin America : So near and yet so far from Prosperity & Democracy ...


While this article is over two years old, it is well worth a reread.

Corruption has never been more rampant.

There is NO "trickle down" and the new elites such as the "Boligarchs" in Venezuela are "raping and pilagging" the wealth of a Nation at an unprecedented rate.

Latin America in spite of it's tremendous potential, is now closer to Totalitarian Communism than Democratic Capitalism.

Until the wide disparity in EDUCATION is bridged, there will NEVER be Peace nor prosperity in the Region.

Here is the original article from the sage of the Economic world: The Economist ....

A richer, fairer Latin America is within reach, but a lot of things have to be put right first, says Michael Reid

Sep 9th 2010

|From the print edition

Correction to this article

AT DAWN on September 16th 1810 Miguel Hidalgo, the parish priest of Dolores, a small town in central Mexico, rang the bells of his church to raise the cry of rebellion against the Spanish crown. 

Mexico, Spai…