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EAST COAST USA Ports to be Ready for Big Ships by 2015 ...

JUNE 12, 2013

June 10, 2013 – US East Coast ports are stepping up dredging with the aim to handle bigger post-Panamax vessels after the completion of the Panama Canal expansion in early 2015, reports 

Correspondent Karen E. Thuermer

With completion of the Panama Canal expansion scheduled for early 2015, competition between US East Coast ports is fierce as they aim to attract all-water service offered by the bigger post-Panamax ships that will eventually transit the canal as well as services now available via the Suez Canal.

The expansion of the Panama Canal is expected to alter global trade routes. When completed, it will be able to handle 13,000 TEU vessels. These larger vessels produce dramatically lower per slot shipping – cost savings that flow through the supply chain and ultimately result in lower consumer prices.

The 13,000 TEU vessels are projected to represent 62 percent of total container ship capacity by 2030, said the US Army Corps of Engineers.

A white paper by Colliers Interna…



Mad about mangos
Mango growers pleased with early start to season
June 12, 2013

Pine Island Eagle

Although it's only the second week of June, Pine Island grove owners are experiencing early mango harvesting due to early blooms.

Mango Factory owner Doug Flowerree said his family moved to Pine Island in 1955 and his father started the mango grove from scratch about 40 years ago. His father cleared the land and planted the trees on 25 acres of land. The grove now has approximately 1,000 trees.

Flowerree said his father was a great believer in spacing the mango trees a certain amount of feet apart, so it would have ultimate sunlight, as well as protection from diseases. 

He said with the trees planted 33 feet apart from each other it also protects them from moisture build-up that brings mold and mildew and promotes various diseases that can be promoted to trees close together.

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The trees are about 15-20 feet high, so they…


On Friday 14 June, the first Triple-E vessel will officially be named and welcomed to the Maersk fleet. 

Maersk will be live-tweeting from the event in Okpo, Korea.

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Geopolitical Journey: Azerbaijan and America ...

Geopolitical Weekly

TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 - 04:02 


By George Friedman

There is a point where three great powers -- Russia, Turkey and Persia -- meet: the Caucasus

At the moment they converge in a country called Azerbaijan. 

That fact makes Azerbaijan a battleground for these three great powers, which have competed with each other along various borders for centuries. 

Until 1991 Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union, as was the rest of the South Caucasus. 

But as the Russian border moved north, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan were once more unveiled by history. 

Of the three, Azerbaijan won the geopolitical prize of bordering the three great regional powers.

It also emerged as a major energy producer. At the end of the 19th century, half of the oil in the world was produced in Azerbaijan, whose oil fields around the capital, Baku, were developed by the Nobel brothers, famed for dynamite and prizes. This is where they made their fortune. I had the pleasure of dining at their mansion…

THE ART OF PROMOTION : Avocados from Mexico hires Ketchum, Arnold as AORs

Lindsay Stein
May 23, 2013

Last updated on May 23, 2013 06:01 PM

NEW YORK: Avocados from Mexico Inc. has brought on Ketchum and creative agency Arnold Worldwide to serve as PR and integrated AORs, respectively, following a competitive review that started with 52 agency proposals.

The organization, which has allocated $36 million to grow the category and increase brand awareness, had narrowed the agency search down to 11 agencies before picking Ketchum and Arnold. 

The two firms were selected because of their understanding of the brand's vision, as well as “strategic focus and creativity,” said Tim O'Connor, CEO of Avocados from Mexico, in a statement. The specific account budget for each agency was not immediately available.

The Mexican Avocado Producers and Packers organization previously worked with longtime AOR Lewis & Neale, the food division of CRT/tanaka. Representatives from the firm were not immediately available for comment.

Ketchum and Arnold will work together to launc…

Northern Mexican mango plantations push U.S. market growth

June 12th, 2013

The northern Mexican mango season is in full force. The continued growth in fruit output can be seen in incoming volume to the U.S., Arizona importer Chris Ciruli told

Since the beginning of the country’s season in mid-February, 30.5 million cases have been imported across the U.S. compared to 27 million at this time last year, the COO of Ciruli Brothers said. 

The volume builds on a five-year running trend of about 15% growth annually for Mexico’s mango crops.

Ciruli attributed the upward trend to more mango plantations in states further north like Jalisco, Nayarit and Sinaloa. These plantations include more later-season varieties like Kents.

At the moment, the market from Mexico is comprised of about a 55% share of Tommy Atkins, a 30% share of Ataulfos and an 11% share of Kents.

The peak output time for this northern sector is expected to continue until around July 4. Lack of rain for the time being will also mean clean fruit and a high bric content.


THAILAND : Don't try to tell a Thai which kind of mango he should like ...

Last month, Synergy, the Irish-owned flavours and ingredients company, opened a new manufacturing facility in Thailand, making it the latest in a long line of Western companies tapping the country as a major outpost.

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