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Don't miss Mango Season this Weekend at the Fairchild Farm

Be sure to stop by and try a delicious fruit smoothie and buy some fresh tropical fruit picked daily from our farm. 

Mangos of the Week:

'Mangifera casturi': One of the while mangos from Borneo, than grows flood plains. Small fruit deep purple with bright orange flesh than taste like lychees.

'Sunset': Sunset is of unknown parentage from the grove of Mr. Frank Adams, Pine Island. Flavor rich, aromatic, and sweet with a strong pleasant aroma

'Saigon': seeds were shipped to the United States from Saigon in 1902 and planted at the USDA plant introduction station in Miami, FL for observation. The yellow flesh is completely fiberless and has a mild sweet flavor.

'Fairchild Ruby': selected in Florida for its striking color and outstanding flavor. The flesh is a tender and juicy deep yellow, with a rich and spicy flavor.

'Tropical Sunrise': is another selection from South Florida. The fruit has…

MEXICO MANGO MAFIA : Ghost of 'The Craziest One' is Alive in Mexico ...

Written by Dudley Althaus
Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Nazario Moreno, alias "The Craziest One"

Gangsters certainly crowd the ranks of the more than 26,000 people said to have disappeared amid Mexico's criminal wars. And at the front of the line stands NazarioMoreno, spiritual guide of western Michoacan state's Knights Templar gang.

Mexican federal police say they killed Moreno, then head of Templar predecessor theFamilia Michoacana, in a gun battle in December 2010. One of his top lieutenants quickly confirmed the death in a You Tube videoaimed at followers. 

End of story, right? Not even.

Moreno's body has never been recovered, no autopsy performed. Instead, police say, it was spirited away by followers and buried secretly.

The infighting that erupted among his followers after Moreno's disappearance split his movement, which mixed drug trafficking and other vice rackets with a Christian message and a promise to defend Michoacan's people from outsiders.

Publicly …

Maersk family names the first Triple-E mega ship

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The first Triple-E ship has been named in South Korea today. 

Godmother of the ship is Ane Uggla, Chairwoman of the A.P. Moeller-Maersk Fund. 

The ship was named after her father, the late shipowner Maersk McKinney-Moeller.

Photo: Thorbjørn Hansen
Published 14.06.13 at 12:26

Ane Uggla, daugther of late shipowner Maersk McKinney-Moeller, was godmother when she today, Friday (Friday morning, Danish time) named the first of Maersk Line's new Triple-E container ships after her father at a ceremony on the Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering shipyard in Okpo, South Korea.

The ship Maersk McKinney-Moeller is expected to start operating by the end of June. 

An additional four of the world's largest container ships yet will be delivered from the shipyard during 2013, while the remai…

MAERSK NAMES TRIPLE "E" AFTER Maersk McKinney-Moeller....

The first Triple-E ship has been named in South Korea today. 

Godmother of the ship is Ane Uggla, Chairwoman of the A.P. Moeller-Maersk Fund. 

The ship was named after her father, the late shipowner Maersk McKinney-Moeller.



What's your favorite summer fruit?

We have trouble picking favorites, so we'll leave that to you! 

We can help make eating your favorite fruits a little easier though, with some of our fruit tools, like the Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer (, 

Strawberry Huller (,

 Fruit Scoops (, 

Mango Splitter (, 


Cherry Pitter (!

Feel adventurous? 

Try girlichef's gorgeous Papaya-Coconut Paletas:

Food Fridays in Singapore : A Cheat Sheet on Buying Indian Mangoes

June 14, 2013, 12:32 PM

By Gaurav Raghuvanshi

Shibani Mahtani/The Wall Street Journal          A selection of Indian mangoes.

SINGAPORE–If you love Indian mangoes for their sweetness and strong flavors, you don’t have to fly into the hot north Indian summer to sample them. Most major varieties of Indian mango are available in many cities in Southeast Asia.

Here’s what you need to know before you buy.


The most famous Indian mango originates from the Ratnagiri region on the western coast. Slightly smaller, smooth skinned and bright yellow to orange colored meat. This mango is the “mango flavor” you associate with desserts. It has good keeping quality, a smooth texture and no fiber. Ideal for desserts. If eating just like that, a topping of whipped cream is suggested as it can be a little sour at times.

The favorite mango of the north Indians, this one has a unique flavor and a mild aftertaste. These are slightly flat, elongated, green-to-yellow colored mangoes tha…

What the Produce Section Looks Like in a World without Bees

Burning Question

By Lauren Drewes Daniels

Thu., Jun. 13 2013 at 1:51 PM

Produce section, compliments of the handiwork of bees

A Whole Foods Market in Providence, Rhode Island, recently took before and after pictures of what their produce section would look like in a world without bees.

The view sans bees is quite depressing, as it should be. Of the 453 products, 237 were removed, including apples, avocados, carrots, mangoes, lemons, eggplant, summer squash and a whole slew of other things.

Now through June 25, for every pound of organic summer squash sold, Whole Foods will donate 10 cents to The Xerces Society for pollinator preservation.

Produce section without bees.

"Pollinators are a critical link in our food system. More than 85 percent of Earth's plant species -- many of which compose some of the most nutritional parts of our diet -- require pollinators to exist. Yet we continue to see alarming declines in bee numbers," said Eric Mader, assistant pollinator conservation di…