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Virendra Singh Rawat | New Delhi/ Lucknow 

 June 25, 2013 Last Updated at 20:49 IST

Foreign diplomats to join 'mango party'

The event is aimed at popularising dussehri and seeking government support for the mango growers and exporters

The sweetness and aroma of the dussehri mango has transcended boundaries and found a fan following among foreign diplomats.

Ambassadors and High Commissioners of about a dozen countries are arriving in the nondescript town of Malihabad, about 30 km from Lucknow, for a 'mango party' on June 29.

The programme 'Ek Shaam Malihabadi Dussehri Ke Naam' (An evening dedicated to Malihabad's Dussehri) is being hosted by the Mango Grower Association of India.

The event is aimed at popularising dussehri and seeking government support for the mango growers and exporters.

The diplomats would be presented with dussehri saplings and urged to promote their cultivation in their countries. Some of the diplomats would …

Perú: El mango lidera el ranking de exportaciones

Estados Unidos y Holanda son los principales destinos entre enero y abril del 2013.

El Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática (INEI), señaló que el monto de exportaciones de mangos asciende a US$ 126.3 millones en lo que va del año.

Por otro lado, informó que el producto no tradicional que ha liderado las ventas es el mango con un 16.2% de representación sobre el total de los envíos.

Entre otros países que solicitan este producto están el Reino Unido, Canadá, España y Francia.


Fecha de publicación: 25/06/2013


Putin: Snowden still at airport, won’t be extradited

View Photo Gallery — Who is Edward Snowden?: A 29-year-old government contractor has been charged with espionage for recent leaks of classified intelligence. He has vaulted from obscurity to international notoriety, joining the ranks of high-profile leakers such as Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame.

By Kathy Lally and Karen DeYoung

Updated: Tuesday, June 25, 11:52 AM

MOSCOW— Russian President Vladi­mir Putin said Tuesday that Edward Snowden is still holed up inside a secure “transit zone” at Moscow’s Sheremyetevo Airport, and he repeated that Russia has no legal standing to turn the fugitive document-leaker over to U.S. authorities.

Putin said Snowden arrived in Moscow unexpectedly and had committed no crime in Russia. He has not crossed into a part of the airport that requires him to show his passport to Russian authorities. Because Russia does not have an extradition agreement with the United States, Putin said, Snowden will not be extradited as the United States has requested.


Russia After Putin: Inherent Leadership Struggles


JUNE 24, 2013



Editor's Note: This is the first part of a three-part series on Russia's leadership after President Vladimir Putin eventually leaves office. Part 1 revisits Putin's rise to power; Part 2 will examine Russia's demographics, energy sector and Putin's political changes; and Part 3 will explore whether the political systems Putin has built will survive him.

Russia has undergone a series of fundamental changes over the past year, with more changes on the horizon. 

Russia's economic model based on energy is being tested, the country's social and demographic make-up is shifting, and its political elites are aging.

All this has led the Kremlin to begin asking how the country should be led once its unifying leader, Vladimir Putin, is gone. 

Already, a restructuring of the political elite is taking place, and hints of succession plans have emerged. 

Historically, Russia has been plagued by the dilemma of trying to create a succession p…


International mango festival to kick off in Tainan to boost exports, tourism

June 25, 2013, 12:11 am TWN

TAIPEI -- Tainan, the biggest mango producing area in Taiwan, will hold an international mango festival beginning June 29 to boost exports of the fruit and promote tourism to the region, organizers said recently.

Tourists, traders and buyers from around the world are expected to attend the Tainan International Mango Festival, which will run until July 7 at the Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm, according to the Tainan City government.

The festival, the first ever held by the city to showcase mangoes, will exhibit fresh mangoes, mango sweets and pastries, processed mango products and other tropical fruits and agricultural products.

Celebrities will also be invited to plant mango trees on June 29, and a mango-tasting event for 1,000 people will be held on June 30, organizers said.

Mangoes are one of Taiwan's major agricultural exports, with 2,846 metric tons worth US$12.9 million shipped abroad in 2…


Official’s removal costs VHT plant

By Irfan Siddiqui

TOKYO: Former chief executive of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan Tariq Puri was removed from his position and sources report that his removal impacted plans to purchase a vapour heat treatment plant. 

The latter is used to process mangoes being exported to Japan. 

An official source revealed that Puri accepted the tender of purchasing the plant from Japanese company, FTH. 

However, when the process began, Raja Pervez Ashraf, who was prime minister at the time, cancelled TDAP’s three-year contract. As a result of Puri’s removal from service, many of his projects were left incomplete. Pakistan has been unable to establish the plant in Pakistan.

Tugs Reach MOL Comfort, Sister Ship Inspections Commence in Earnest


The fore section of the MOL Comfort. Photo: MRCC Mumbai

Three tugs and a patrol boat arrived on scene yesterday near the two floating sections of the MOL Comfort.

According to a statement by the shipowner, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL), an additional vessel is scheduled to arrive on the 26th to assist with the salvage, or “rescue” of the hulls and cargo as MOL is describing it.

“We have started an investigation of the causes together with the shipbuilder, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,” notes MOL in their latest update. 

In conjunction with the shipbuilder and the classification society, ClassNK, thorough inspections of the six sister ships, the MOL Creation, MOL Charisma, MOL Celebration, MOL Courage, MOL Competence, and MOL Commitment are to begin at the earliest possible opportunity. 

Additionally, MOL notes that operational procedures to reduce hull stress on these vessels are also being carried out as an interim contingency plan.

Previous gCaptain coverage of t…

Carlos Vilchez Navamuel : ¿Se pelean los hijos de Chávez el patrimonio que su padre les dejó?

Posted: 24 Jun 2013 10:07 AM PDT

Por Carlos Vilchez Navamuel

Mientras el presidente impugnado de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, acaba de comentar en uno de sus programas diarios que Chávez murió sin dejar fortuna al decir que:

 “Ustedes saben que el comandante Chávez murió pobre sin ningún tipo de propiedad, ni una casa, ni un carro, nada tenía el comandante Chávez” y agregó “ “La pensión que ganaba (Chávez) la daba en becas y la burguesía lo vilipendiaba todos los días”. Y sostuvo que el líder revolucionario hizo un “voto de pobreza cristiana con su vida”.

Otros dicen lo contrario, un estudio elaborado por Carlos Eduardo Berrizbeitia, ex parlamentario y dirigente del opositor Proyecto Venezuela, nos indicaba ya en el año 2009 como vivía Chávez al decir que “Los gastos presidenciales incluyen unos $2.7 millones asignados a agencias de festejos para gastos de alimentos y bebidas; $264,000 en prendas de vestir…