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Ollanta Humala asegura que economía de Perú mejorará al finalizar el 2013


Ollanta Humala, presidente de Perú. Archivo AFP

El presidente de Perú aseguró este sábado que la economía del país "no nos debe angustiar, porque sabemos que vamos a terminar el año mejor que como empezó", al comentar las expectativas de crecimiento económico anual.

A dos semanas de cumplir dos años en el gobierno, Humala dijo que el debate en Perú "es si crecemos 6,1% ó 6,5%" al finalizar el 2013.

El año pasado, el Producto Interno Bruto (PIB) de Perú creció 6,3% animado por actividades como la construcción y el consumo interno.

"No es un debate, como en Europa, en que no sabemos si crecemos o decrecemos, ó si terminamos el año en azul o en rojo", expresó el mandatario durante una visita de trabajo en la selva central del país.

Humala destacó las recientes declaraciones en Lima del magnate mexicano Carlos Slim, de que Perú dejará de ser considerado un país en vías de desarrollo dentro de 10 años.

Ollanta Humala destaca las declaraciones …



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Kazakhstan Economy: Laying The Golden Egg


JUL. 13, 2013, 7:09 PM

REUTERS / Shamil Zhumatov

It's party-time on spaceship Nursultan.

KAZAKHSTAN'S capital, Astana, celebrated its 15th anniversary on July 6th with a petrodollar-fuelled party. 

It happened also to be the 73rd birthday of the country's strongman president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who commissioned this epitome of surreal bombast rising from the Central Asian steppe.

During the festivities, crowds gathered around Astana's architectural landmarks as the president's graven image gazed benevolently down from a bas-relief on a high white column meant to represent the country emerging from the ashes of the Soviet Union. 

Mr Nazarbayev has ruled this state of 17 million people, scattered over a territory the size of Western Europe, with an iron fist. 

He is one of only two Central Asian leaders to have been in power since before the Soviet Union's collapse …

7 Millones de dólares se han gastado Cilia y Maduro en sus “viajecitos” al exterior

por @DolarToday - Jul 13, 2013 @ 6:46PM en Noticias

El secretario general nacional de Proyecto Venezuela y diputado a la Asamblea Nacional, Carlos Berrizbeitia afirmó que más de 80.000 dólares diarios en viajes al exterior ha gastado Nicolás Maduro desde llegó a Miraflores, “Hace 83 días llegó a Miraflores y los gastos ocasionados a la República por Nicolás Maduro superan los 7 millones de dólares visitando, hasta la fecha, 16 países, algo más de 80.000 dólares diarios”.

Pero Maduro no viaja solo, por lo general lo hace acompañado de Cilia Flores, ademas de amigos y familiares de la pareja “presidencial” (como podemos apreciar en la foto de su visita a China). 

Berrizbeitia aseguró que Maduro se gasta más de 30 cupos Cadivi diarios, mientras las universidades piden presupuestos justos y el Gobierno se los niega, refiriéndose al conflicto que mantienen 13 casas de estudio del país, desde hace algo más de 45 días.

 “Por un lado, Maduro se gasta 80mil dólares diarios en viajes y por el otro…

DO YOU AGREE ??? : 14 Of The Most Interesting Facts Ever



JUL. 12, 2013, 8:05 PM

Already a site designed to surface interesting stuff, Reddit took it to the next level with a recent thread specifically asking for the most interesting/weird facts that people know.

We've pulled out the best responses, with links to the Redditor who found each fact:

There are more possible iterations of a game of chess than there are atoms in the known universe. — abbazabbbbbbba

Enoch Lau

Cleopatra lived closer in time to the Moon landing than to the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. — StickleyMan

Napoleon Sarony

It can take a photon 40,000 years to travel from the core of the sun to the surface, but only 8 minutes to travel the rest of the way to earth. — Bkaps


It would take 1,200,000 mosquitoes, each sucking once, to completely drain the average human of blood. — Bat245

Jim Gathany

Basically anything that melts can be made into glass. You just have to cool off a molten material before its molecules have time to realign into …


Chef Bee of Kong River House making Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango. Yum!

Stop by the mango medics tent and find answers to questions you have about your mango trees!

Setting up the beautiful display in the Garden House!

Mangoes everywhere you look!

The mango display in the Garden House.

Mangoes of Mexico!


Mango Mania brings in thousands

Published: Jul 13, 2013 12:40 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 13, 2013 12:40 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fl. - Mangos take center stage this weekend as Pine Island gears up for it's Annual Tropical Fruit Fair. It's Mango Mania!

Anything you can think of but all with a mango twist.

"Jams, jellies, chutneys, cookies, they are making a mango glazed grouper. I cant wait to try that," says Scarlett Player.

This weekend, thousands of people will head to the German American Social Club in Cape Coral to celebrate Pine Island's mango harvest.

"Just a way to bring awareness to Pine Island to bring awareness to the growers during harvest time to help them promote the fruit," Player adds.

"On Pine Island we raise close to 150 varieties of mangos," says Gary Schneider.

More than 50 of those took center stage at the festival giving folks a chance to taste a tropical fruit grown right in their back yard.

Gary Schneider with Fruitscapes and Pine Island…

10 organizations that protect the environment

Mahatma Gandhi once said that “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” 

This statement seems to become more true every year, with what Al Gore describes in his book “The Future” as “unsustainable growth in consumption, pollution flows, and depletion of the planet’s strategic resources.”

President Obama is also addressing the environment, announcing at Georgetown University in late June 2013 a plan of executive actions to fight climate change.

With this in mind, we tell you about 10 organizations that are working to reverse this trend by protecting and conserving the environment. 

All 10 of these organizations have four-star ratings from Charity Navigator and at least $13.5 million in total annual expenses.

- Colby Bermel, Contributor

The Conservation Fund was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Arlington, Va.

1. Conservation Fund

Since its founding in 1985, the Conservation Fund in Arlington, Va., has protected more than 7 million acres of land in a…


GMO Corn can sneak up in processed foods. (Credit: agrilifetoday via Flickr)

GMO's — or genetically modified organisms — refer to the plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology. In conversation, GMO's and GE foods refer to the same thing. 

They are foods created by merging DNA from different species.

The first GMO crop (the Flavr Savr tomato) was approved by the FDA in 1994. Since then, GE varieties of corn, soya, sugar beets and canola have become common local crops in Canada. In addition to locally produced crops, GE varieties of cottonseed oil, papaya, squash and milk products are imported from the USAinto Canada. In a mere 20 years, GMO ingredients have made their way into most of the processed foods available on Canadian grocery shelves. Apples, potatoes and wheat are all in the lineup for approval.

GMO crops, when first introduced, were touted as the answer to world hunger. The argument was that by developing pesticide and herbicide resis…

China evacuations as Typhoon Soulik hits

Soulik is bringing heavy rain and strong waves to China

Some 300,000 people in eastern China have fled their homes as Typhoon Soulik moves inland amid warnings of floods and landslides, state media report.

Winds of 119 km/hour (74 mph) lashed the coastal Fujian Province, said China's National Meteorological Centre.

Emergency response plans were being implemented, said Xinhua state media, after recent torrential rain reportedly left 200 people dead or missing.

The typhoon earlier led to extensive flooding on the island of Taiwan.

So far one person is reported to have been killed on the island, while more than 8,500 people were evacuated from mountainous and other areas prone to landslides.

Blown off scooters

In Fujian and Zhejiang, another Chinese coastal province, flights and train services were cancelled and fishing boats called back to shore.

In Taiwan, a police officer was killed by falling bricks but other people suffered mostly light injuries, including from fallen trees or being blo…

How the CIA granted the wish of the plotter of 9/11 attacks

posted by Michael Ross July 12, 2013

What could be the relation between one of the plotter of the 9/11 attacks and a vacuum cleaner? 

Nothing you may say, but there is …read on about the extraordinary story of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, his interrogation and the CIA efforts to bring him back from a nervous wreck he had become after the ordeals of torture by CIA in its safe houses around the world.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was captured in a joint operation by Pakistani forces and CIA in Pakistan in 2003. 

The CIA first took him to Romania and interned him in a safe house. 

The CIA started interrogating Khalid and used every form of torture including water boarding to extract every nugget of information. 

When convinced that there is nothing more which can be extracted from the prisoner by the way of information, CIA started the process of reversing the effects of the torture and bring back the prisoner to some level and semblance of sanity and normalcy. 

Khalid was a treasure trove and could stil…

‘Taste of Pakistani mango’ event held in Seoul

July 13, 2013

Pakistani mangoes entered the Korean market for the first time in 2012 after years of sustained efforts by the Government and the Embassy of Pakistan. 

The Korean mango market is worth about $13 million and is dominated by Thai, Taiwanese and Philippines’ mangoes holding 90pc share. 

However, Pakistani mangoes can capture a substantial share in the Korean market due to their much superior quality and taste. 

Shinn, Tae Young, Chairman of the Korean Importers Association (KOIMA) was the chief guest of the event. In his remarks he expressed his delight at the availability of Pakistani mangoes for local consumers. 

The Ambassador of Pakistan Shaukat Ali Mukadam, in his welcome address spoke of the growing economic relations of the two countries and the potential of further growth in bilateral trade between the two countries. 

Bilateral trade between Pakistan and South Korea has witnessed a steady growth in the last few years, with the volume reaching $1.6 billion in 2012. Pakist…