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West African Pirates Using Motherships [REPORT]


West African pirates are now using motherships to stage attacks, according to an article published by Tradewinds citing a report from Bergen Risk Solutions, a risk analysis and mitigation firm specializing in oil and gas and shipping companies operating in West Africa.

According to the report, at least four staging vessels, or motherships, were used to aid attacks on ships and oil rigs in the first quarter of 2012 off the coast of Nigeria.

Specifically, Bergen notes a January attack on a bulk carrier approximately 290nm off the coast of Lagos, the farthest noted attack on a vessel since bergen began conducting assessments in the area in 2007.

Container ship underway on 9 January near position 03:00N – 007:28E, approximately 85 nm south of Bonny Island, Nigeria, was chased and fired upon by eight pirates armed with AK47s in a single skiff launched from a nearby from a fishing trawler. The Master increased speed, took evasive maneuvers, and crew mustered…

Venezuela and Colombia agree to mend strained relations

Juan Manuel Santos (left) and Nicolas Maduro (right) agreed to work together to address drug trafficking and other cross-border issues

The presidents of Colombia and Venezuela have agreed to work to improve relations, two months after a row erupted between the two neighbours.

Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia and Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro met for talks at a border town in Venezuela.

They agreed to set up high level groups to discuss security, energy and trade.

Relations had been strained since Mr Santos agreed in May to meet Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles in Bogota.

Mr Capriles had been seeking Colombian support for contesting his defeat by a narrow margin to Mr Maduro at Venezuela's election in April.

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said at the time that the meeting would "derail" good relations between the two countries.

Venezuela had threatened to stop acting as a facilitator in peace talks between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary …

Follow your labels: Feeding chocolate lovers at low, or no, wage

Solo was virtually a slave on a cocoa farm that supplies US chocolate producers.

By Kelsey Timmerman, Contributor / July 21, 2013

An Ivorian farmer tends his cacao seedlings. More than 50 percent of cocoa used in American chocolate comes from Ivory Coast. This story is part of the cover story project on the global food and clothing chain in The Christian Science MonitorWeekly issue of July 22, 2013.

Kelsey Timmerman


I freed a slave in Ivory Coast

Well, at least I thought he was a slave. The line between exploitation and opportunity blurs in extreme circumstances. He may have just been a guy who was having second thoughts about working for a year on a cocoa farm for $300.

Why It Matters

Kelsey Timmerman has made it his business to follow the labels on his food and clothing straight to their source – the people who sew his family’s clothes and grow the food on his kitchen table. This cover project is adapted from his books – ‘Where Am I Wearing?’ and ‘Where A…


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Confirmed Speaker List:


 confirms it's coming to Winter Park ...

The Monrovia, California-based grocery store chain will reportedly… (Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles…)

May 3, 2013|By Mary Shanklin, Orlando Sentinel

Trader Joe's, the specialty grocery-store chain with a cult-like fan base, has signed a lease to locate in a retail center being built on U.S. Highway 17-92 near Winter Park Village.

The California-based company has leased 12,500 square feet in Lakeside at Winter Park, a 4-acre retail project being developed by Unicorp National Developments of Orlando. Construction will start in July on the center, which will be on the eastern shore of Lake Killarney, opposite Morse Boulevard.

The Winter Park store, set to open next year, will feature beer and wine. Florida has three Trader Joe's so far — in Naples, Sarasota and Gainesville — and a fourth in the works near Miami.

"We don't disclose what goes into the site-selection, decision-making process," spokeswoman Alison Mochizuki said of the…

Restaurant sector now accounts for record 10.5% of U.S. workforce

Burger Binges at Red Robin Fuel Hospitality Hiring Spree: Retail

By Jeff Green & Leslie Patton - Jul 22, 2013 12:00 AM ET

Katie Nelson, general manager at Bar Louie in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, recently called the chain’s headquarters with some good news: Business is booming. Then she made a plea for money to hire 20 employees.

“We’re hiring a ton right now,” Nelson said on a Friday evening as her outdoor patio filled up with diners sipping Goose Island Matilda pale ale and munching flatbread pizzas. “Whenever we get new people trained, we still need more.”

A waitress awaits an order at the Bar Louie restaurant located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, on July 20, 2013. Photographer: Tim Boyle/Bloomberg

Bar Louie's newest dishwashers, cooks and servers owe their jobs to U.S. consumers who are spending more on dining, amusement parks and other close-to-home activities. Photographer: Tim Boyle/Bloomberg

Bar Louie’s newest dishwashers, cooks and servers owe their jo…


A Nation Of Ignoramuses

July 22, 2013 by Bob Livingston


The United States is devolving into a Nation of ignoramuses, its citizens increasingly ignorant of U.S. and world history and particularly uninformed regarding the Nation’s founding documents and what led to the creation of their Nation.

The government’s public (non)education system, the agenda-driven mainstream media propaganda system, Hollywood’s disinformation, campaigns promoting bread and circuses and the infusion of millions of aliens into the country are doing the job the collectivist progressive elites envisioned. The goal is to manufacture a populace too ignorant of their rights and too preoccupied to fathom even most repressive tyranny.

A recent national poll by the Newseum Institute’s First Amendment Center revealed that almost half (47 percent) of 18- to 30-year-olds agree with the statement that the 1st Amendment goes too far in the rights it guarantees.

The poll sampled 1,006 American adults from the 48 contigu…

CUBAZUELA : Funcionarios y boliburgueses se roban el 40 por ciento del presupuesto nacional

por @DolarToday - Jul 21, 2013 @ 9:20PM en Noticias

Andrés Velásquez, diputado a la AN, denunció que 40 por ciento del presupuesto nacional “se desvía en el camino”.

Durante su participación en el foro Corrupción roja rojita, porque ellos roban y tú no comes, el parlamentario afirmó que si los recursos llegarán a su destino, “hoy en día estuviésemos sin ningún tipo de problemas y el venezolano común sin sufrir de ninguna consecuencia”.

“En este país se ven casos atípicos donde las empresas básicas son las únicas que dan pérdidas pero gerentes ricos”, aseguró.

Por su parte, su par Américo De Grazia señaló que la mayor evidencia “del saqueo” que vive el país se vio con el Sitme, que en “un año y ocho meses, 25 mil millones de dólares se robaron las empresas de maletín y recordemos en el audio de Mario Silva a quien se le asociaban”.


Pope Francis leaves for Brazil visit

Pope Francis is embarking on his first foreign trip

Pope Francis has left Rome for Brazil for his first foreign trip, which will be taking place amid high security.

The pontiff will be greeted by some two million young people from all over the world at the Roman Catholic World Youth Day festival in Rio de Janeiro.

The first Latin American Pope will also celebrate Mass on the famous Copacabana beach and visit shanty towns.

Some 22,000 security staff will be on duty during the visit of the Pope, who is not using his armoured Popemobile.

Mask ban

Ahead of his week-long trip, the 76-year-old Pope from Argentina called on his followers to join him spiritually on his journey through prayer.

The pontiff is due to arrive in Brazil - the world's most populous Catholic country - later on Monday, and huge crowds are expected to greet him at Rio airport.

The Vatican says it has full confidence in the ability of Brazilian security forces to protect the pontiff during his visit.

Tens of thousands of peo…