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HOPE FOR A "MESSED UP" WORLD : Hydro Nano Gas Could Completely Neutralize CO2 Emissions

by Staff Writers
Stockholm, Sweden (SPX) Aug 01, 2013

HIT has created a gas called Hydro Nano Gas (HNG) that safely and effectively neutralizes carbon fuel pollution emissions.

Hydro Nano Gas or HNG, has been created by Hydro Infra Technologies, HIT, in Stockholm, Sweden. Developed as an answer to greenhouse gases and fossil fuels emissions, this comes on the heels of many years of research and development by the company to create a safe, cost effective way to neutralize pollution emissions.

HIT is now working to bring this technology to market and has signed joint venture agreements to begin converting ships. HNG effectiveness in neutralizing pollution emissions has been verified by an accredited laboratory in Sweden.

"Given the massive amount of fossil fuel pollution emissions by power plants, shipping and other industry sectors, HNG provides a real solution and is already being hailed as one of the most effective and exciting green technologies the world has yet seen," said Da…