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Maduro y Capriles se acusan de corruptos en plena calle

03 agosto 2013

Por Aldo Rodríguez Villouta (EFE)


Seguidores del gobierno y la oposición coincidieron este sábado en manifestaciones simultáneas en las calles de Caracas.

Nicolás Maduro, presidente de Venezuela pronunciando un discurso durante una manifiestación contra la corrupción, en Caracas. Henrique Capriles también salió a las calles.
Foto: EFE

El presidente venezolano, Nicolás Maduro, y el líder opositor Henrique Capriles encabezaron hoy en Caracas marchas simultáneas contra la corrupción, de lo que se acusaron mutuamente, sin perder de vista las elecciones de diciembre próximo.

La concentración opositora y la marcha oficialista, en distintos sectores de la capital para evitar incidentes, coronaron una serie de encarcelamientos de directores y presidentes de empresas y entes estatales, privados y un diputado opositor con su inmunidad parlamentaria ahora anulada, todos ellos acusados de corrupción.

"Quiero en primer lugar felicitarlos, hombres y mujeres honestos, por habe…

A 'Perfect Storm' Could Cause A Collapse In Oil Prices That Hits The Stock Market Too



AUG. 3, 2013, 4:36 PM

flickr/Adam Selwood

Deutsche Bank strategists Rocky Fishman, Salil Aggarwal, and Lon Parisi are out with a note warning clients that a "perfect storm" of structural, demand, and supply-driven factors could conspire to cause a "major pullback" in oil prices , with the potential to derail the rally in the U.S. stock market as well.

"A major pullback in oil prices could have a concentrated effect on the S&P energy and industrials sectors, with perhaps further sentiment knock-on effects," write the strategists.

 "After WTI's brief pullback from its peak last month, it may be time to at least consider this possibility."

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil prices have rallied from a low of $84.05 a barrel on November 7 to $106.88 at Friday's close, returning 27.2% over the past nine months.

"Oil is now, according to our commodities team, the most richly traded commodity in the world in real te…

[FOTO] FUERA MADURO y DIOSDADO: La calle se desborda!


Today visited ASLP Mango Demo Plot @ SAU T.Jam

IMO Friend, Hadi Laghari, Technical Manager, Asim Agricultural Farm, Sindh, Pakistan has shared these images with us via his Facebook page.

Contact Hadi Laghari:




Vietnamese Mango
Posted on August 2, 2013 by Pomai

Locally-grown Vietnamese Mangoes

Summer’s the season for mangoes in Hawaii, where once again our office is getting a steady flow coming in. 

However this is the first time we’ve seen this here Vietnamese Mango variety, courtesy of Diner C’s sister’s tree growing in the north-central Oahu area. 

Notice how elongated it is compared to most other varieties, which are more of an oblong round shape. You’d almost think it was a squash.

Here they are amongst a bunch of hybrid Pirie-Haden Mangoes from Diner FS’s home backyard in Ewa Beach…

Hybrid Haden-Pirie Mangoes from Ewa Beach and Vietnamese Mangoes from north-central Oahu

Well, let’s peel this here unusual locally-grown Vietnamese Mango and see what it looks like under its skin…

Vietnamese Mango, peeled

Size-wise, these particular ones measured approximately 7″ long x 3.25″ in diameter.

Vietnamese Mango, peeled

Now check out how much juices oozes out of its flesh when you shear a slice off it…