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Delicias de mango en La Feria del Mango de Todos Santos Pueblo Mágico BCS. 

Vengan a disfrutar su primera muestra gastronómica PazLovers!!

Súper bonito ambiente familiar en La Feria del Mango de Todos Santos Pueblo Mágico BCS, disfrutémoslo PazLovers!!

Todo listo en Todos Santos Pueblo Mágico BCS para inicisr carrera MTB de Feria del Mango hoy domingo 4 dr Agosto.

CALIFORNIA : Camarillo mango expert plans to patent 10 varieties designed to thrive in Ventura County

August 4, 2013 - Ventura County Star

Aug. 04–Mangoes grow in protected microclimates in Ventura County, but the tropical fruit isn’t common here and won’t, as a rule, survive our winters.

Until now, according to Camarillo mango expert Tim Thompson.

The self-proclaimed “mango professor” is submitting patent applications for 10 new mango varieties that Thompson says will grow widely — possibly commercially — in Ventura County.

“My work was to develop new mango varieties for not only backyard gardeners, but for the California agricultural industry,” he said.

Thompson, 70, who is a real estate broker by profession, spent the last 30 years in the trial-and-error process of developing frost- and mildew-tolerant mango varieties hardy enough to grow in most of Ventura County.

“If we can expand up into Ventura (County), an area where the mango has not generally grown, it is indeed a very significant thing,” said international mango expert Dr. Richard Campbell, director of horticulture at Fairchild T…


The big leap forward

Beyond the iconic hump of the 747 and cross-section that has made the type so recognisable, Boeing's new 747-8F bears little resemblance to its -100 predecessor. At a length of 76.4m (249.8ft), the 747-8 is Boeing's longest aircraft to date, eclipsing the 777-300ER by 2.5m.

© Boeing
On the move: the first 747-8 left the paint hanger in November 2009, and is now almost ready to fly

Even with all its new enhancements, Boeing hopes to build on its foundation, fortified by delivering 1,418 747s since the first Jumbo was handed over at the end of 1969.

"The basis of the 747-8 is to capture the great features that we have on the 747-400 and not to lose that while we're stretching the airplane and improving the performance," says Mohammad (Mo) Yahyavi, vice-president and general manager of the 747 programme.


While it will be included in the 747 type certificate, granted four decades ago, Boeing is quick to say that the -8 model is a big leap fo…



© Boeing

Whichever way you look at it, the Boeing 747's legacy is remarkable. 

Probably the most recognisable airliner other than Concorde, not only is the Jumbo Jet still the world's best-selling widebody, and the longest-running airliner production programme after the 737, but it was also a key contributor to bringing air travel to the masses. 

And until the Airbus A380's arrival two years ago - an aircraft regarded by some as the 747's spiritual successor - it was the largest airliner flying.

In November 2009, almost 40 years to the day that it delivered the first 747, Boeing handed over the last and 1,418th of the original series. 

The secret of the 747's success was that Boeing did its homework and built "the right airplane", says the programme's original chief engineer Joe Sutter. "If you don't figure out what the hell the market wants you can spend all the money in the world and you're gonna have a loser."

Boeing's Jum…


03 agosto 2013

Los desencuentros de Santos y la élite


Santos dijo que el presidente Roosevelt, por ser un gran transformador, lo consideraron ‘traidor a su clase’. Algo similar le puede estar pasando.

Juan Manuel Santos tiene 49 puntos de imagen favorable en la Gran Encuesta de SEMANA y RCN. Esa es una cifra aceptable para cualquier gobierno con el sol a la espalda. El 80 por ciento de los gobiernos del mundo tienen niveles de popularidad entre el 40 y el 50 por ciento tras unos años de desgaste.

Lo que llama la atención es que si bien el respaldo nacional es satisfactorio, a nivel de la alta sociedad bogotana el apoyo a Santos parece ser una fracción. Es difícil definir exactamente a ese grupo de personas que coloquialmente son el estrato 18. En todo caso es precisamente en el que creció el presidente y del cual siempre fue su ídolo.

Lo que se está diciendo del presidente en ese nicho es más negativo que positivo. La percepción de que la seguridad se ha deteriorado es en parte e…

June 17, 1947: Pan Am Launches ’Round-the-World Service

By Tony Long

June 17, 2009 |
12:00 am | 

1947: Pan American World Airways begins the first regularly scheduled around-the-world passenger service.

Pan Am, already an innovator in passenger aviation, was the undisputed doyenne of American carriers when it began this unique worldwide service. 

Flight 001, originating in San Francisco, winged westward over the Pacific Ocean.

 A passenger boarding 001 at San Francisco Municipal Airport (it didn’t become San Francisco International until 1955) and making the entire journey would touch down in Honolulu, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Delhi, Beirut, Istanbul, Frankfurt, London and finally New York.

Eastbound Flight 002, originating in New York, hit the same cities in the opposite direction, ending up in San Francisco.

An economy-class ticket for the entire journey in either direction cost $2,300, or $4,000 for a couple. (That’s about $22,000 and $38,000, respectively in today’s moolah.)

The beauty of the service was that it really could be a journey: You could…