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Episode 12: “Suez Canal transit with visitors, cake and a small Maersk rendezvous (or two)”

Jes Meinertz Master, Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller 10/08/2013

Dear all,

Yesterday we arrived at the Suez Canal at 0130hrs.

The first pilot embarked at 0445hrs and Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller commenced the transit.

In Port Suez a Suez Canal Authority (SCA) film crew and media embarked and followed the vessel all the way to Port Said.

From Ismailia until Port Said the Chairman of SCA and SCA officials joined to experience the Triple-E class. We received a cake from the Chairman which we had on the bridge after lunch. A very good cake indeed.

When the MMM passed the Great Bitter Lake we met Chastine Maersk who was at anchor on her southbound voyage.

After clearing the Suez Canal we saw Evelyn Maersk waiting for the evening transit, at the northern anchorage.

Next stop is Rotterdam 16th August. ETA Pilot Maas 1230hrs.

We will pass the Gibraltar Strait 13th August early morning.

The cake kindly donated by the Chairman of …

HAWAII : The Waipa Mango & Music Festival ....

Waipa Music & Mango Festival 

 August 10th

Posted by Johanna

The Waipa Foundation invites you to our first ever Music & Mango Festival on Saturday, August 10th from 10am to 6pm. 

Join us at Waipa's beautiful Halulu Fishpond for a fun and relaxing day enjoying home grown live music, hands-on activities, and local artisans and crafts! 

 Island chefs and food vendors will offer amazing food inspired by the summer mango harvest! Also, recipe & biggest mango contests, cultural and educational displays!

Bring a beach blanket and enjoy the entire day at Waipa, along Hanalei Bay (just a half mile past town). Admission just $10 for adults and $1 for keiki (ages 3-14). 

This event is a benefit for the construction fund of the new Waipa Community Poi Mill & Kitchen. 

The Waipa Foundation is a living learning center focused on taking care of our natural resources, practicing Hawaiian culture and values, and inspiring healthy keiki and community. 

More event details including the progr…