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Elomatic visualisation: NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2030

NYK LINE Super ECO Ship plans to reduce Carbon emissions by nearly 70% by the year 2030.

This is what the Global Shipping Industry will look like in the not too distant future.

Watch the entire (10 minute) video here:

For more information visit:

Peru: Ecological Corporation S.A.C. committed to organic produce

Ecological Corporation S.A.C. is a young Peruvian firm devoted to the production of organic mangoes and conventional grapes. Its 16 hectares of mango plantations use a high density cropping system, with 974 plants per hectare, and this year the company will have its first great season, for which good results are expected.

Starting next year, the firm plans to introduce its own brand, ECO-CORP, for the distribution and export of its products; a brand which has been present since last year at international fairs and which is starting to gain recognition. This is the promotional strategy that will be in force until the mango production peaks in three years' time.

Miguel Ángel Pajuelo Álvarez, resident manager of the company, affirms that market opportunities are being sought in Europe. "I worked for five years in Spain, where I have contacts, and we are very likely to enter the German market. We also received a visit from a supermarket chain interested in our fruit."

Its produ…

Mitsui O.S.K. Line: Hull Reinforcements Completed on MOL Comfort Sister Vessels


MOL Comfort just prior to breaking in half in June, 2013.

Mitsui O.S.K. Line announced Monday that it has completed measures to reinforce the hulls of three of MOL Comfort’s sister vessels after having conducted an investigation into the causes of the mid-June 2013 hull fracture of the MOL-operated container ship in the Indian Ocean.

MOL began preventative measures to enhance the safety of all six sister vessels immediately following the incident, which left the fore and aft section of the 2008-built MOL Comfort adrift for weeks before both would eventually catch fire and sink.

MOL says that measures taken to reinforce the hulls of MOL Celebration, MOL Courage, and MOL Creation were recently completed, and that these vessels returned to Asia-North Europe service beginning August 10.

SEE ALSO: MOL Comfort Incident Photos

The work done on the three container ships was aimed at strengthening the hull structures to approximately twice that required by Nippon K…


Pineapple Industry Stakeholders continue to step forward to join the Collective effort in getting the International Pineapple Organization (IPO) off the ground.

The IPO is pleased to announce that Patrick Kelly, President & Founder of Kelly Brothers, Inc. ( A pineapple importer and Processor) of Exeter, California has joined the Executive Committee.

In addition, Jihoon Kim of Kelly Brothers will be active with the IPO Executive Committee as well.

Jihoon Kim (Left) along with  Clem Penrose, Phil Styles, and Brian Kelly of Kelly Brothers, Inc.

To learn more about Kelly Brothers, Inc as well as Mr. Kelly and Mr. Kim, please visit the company website:

Kelly Brothers, Inc. is an importer,  processor and distributor of Fresh Cut Fruit products.

Pineapple is a cornerstone of Kelly Brothers Product portfolio.

For more information about the IPO Executive Committee please visit the IPO BLOG:


Australian mango production & processing technology have quite strongly penetrated into Vietnam:

EMU Exports & Trading Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated family business based in Queensland, Australia. Fresh fruits and processed mangoes products are the main focus of the company.

At the end of 2002, Mr. John Ed. Morton has worked with Khanh Hoa High - Tech Agriculture Center to experimentally plant 10 ha of Australian mango trees at Suoi Dau area. 

And he is the person who has financed the total initial expenses such as electricity pull, automatic irrigation system installation and seed supply.

In 2006, EMU Vietnam Company Limited was established and has made a plan to set up a Mango Processing & Packing Factory in Cam Duc townlet, Cam Lam district in order to expand Australian mango variety in Vietnam. The project has an area of about 6.6 ha with one Mango Processing & Packing Factory and one Model Mango Farm around with area about 05 ha.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY : Lowering the Carbon Footprint of Air Conditioning

By RP Siegel | August 12th, 2013

Refrigerated cargo takes quite a bit of energy to keep cool.

A year ago, I wrote a story about Stan Cox’s book Losing Our Cool: Uncomfortable Truths About Our Air-Conditioned World

Cox is worried that as the planet continues to warm, more and more people will begin to use air conditioning and they will use it more often than ever. In a sense, this could become another positive feedback loop, not unlike the melting of the Arctic permafrost or the reduction in albedo due to melting sea ice. 

According to Cox, at the rate things are going, by 2050, we could end up using ten times as much energy for cooling as we use today.

In the year that has passed, some encouraging developments have occurred.

For one thing, there has been the advent of free cooling, as demonstrated by Schneider Electric at the Cogeco Managed Services data center in Barrie, Ontario. This novel approach takes advantage of natural cooling when it is available, combining fresh air heat exchan…