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EU: Demand and price for mangoes not interesting for Brazil

Supply of mangoes this Summer has been moderate according to, Carlos André de Faria from Dutch importer, Sun City. 

"Supply from Central America, mainly Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic also from Africa and Mali has been fine but there has been a very low supply from Brazil. Prices were moderate to low at between €3.75 - 5.00, but mostly around the €4.50." 

He goes on to say that demand was normal, if a bit on the low side.

Israel and Spain will be entering the market with increasing supply at end of August, demand should starting kicking-in in September when the Summer fruit supplies get lower, weather conditions could also create more demand if the temperatures drop in Europe. 

Demand is still slack according to de Faria, because Northern Europeans are still on holiday. Brazil is concentrating on shipping to the US at the moment, also demand and prices in Brazil are still high compared to Europe.

Israeli m…