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FUTURE OF CONTAINERIZED FREIGHT : Smedegaard outlines the new Maersk


Confidence is high at the Maersk headquarters at Esplanaden in Copenhagen following a very strong interim report. 

P3 is not a must have for Maersk Line, says CEO Nils Smedegaard Andersen as he outlines the future Maersk Group.

Published 16.08.13 at 12:05

Maersk Line increases its expectations for 2013 as a whole, at a time when much of the global container industry is bleeding. 

APM Terminals and Maersk Drilling are well on the way to reaching the billion dollar resultat goal.

 "I hope they're proud of that." 

The Group has so much faith in the smaller companies such as Supply, Svitzer, Damco, and Maersk Tankers that these companies are now being combined to form a new, fifth core unit for the Group. 

Even the coming P3 alliance, which is currently being negotiated with the world's second and third-largest carriers, is not a must have for Maersk.

"Maersk Line has proven that the carrier can take care of itself," says Smedegaard to Sh…


Giant wonders for small people. 

Today...August 16, 2013 ... ‪#‎MaerskMcKinneyMoller‬ called the port of Rotterdam on its maiden voyage. 

Photo by Robert van den Kraan

MEXICO MANGO MAFIA : Are the Knights Templar Mexico's Third Most Powerful Cartel?

With a strong Mango & Avocado season...the local mafia has a good base to extort local Growers & Exporters ...

Written by Dudley Althaus
Monday, 12 August 2013

Knights Templar leader "La Tuta"

From its origins as a breakaway faction of the battered La Familia Michoacana, the quirky Knights Templar of the Pacific coast state of Michoacan have emerged as the third most prominent of Mexico's criminal syndicates.

At least, that's according to press reports supposedly based on intelligence documents of the federal police.

The report ranks the Knights behind the Sinaloa Cartel, nominally led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, and the Zetas gang whose leader Miguel Angel Treviño, alias "Z40," was arrested by Mexican marines on July 15.

The Knights now operate in 10 of Mexico's 32 states, according to the report, compared with only four several years ago. In comparison, the Zetas' are active in 21 states, and the Sinaloa Cartel in 19. Lagging much fu…


Kenneth Meyer, Natural Tropic:
"50% less mangoes compared to last year"

Natural Tropic from the Spanish province of Malaga has only been around for five years, but in those five years it has grown to become an important player on the European market in the area of avocados and mangoes. 

Outside of the Spanish season, the company imports from overseas countries. 

The total cultivation area is 45 hectares. 30% of the export consists of organic products.

Natural Tropic's main sales markets are Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and Canada. 

"At the moment it's calm on the mango market. The prices have been good over the last few months, but now they're a lot lower," says sales manager Kenneth Meyer. 

He says that 50% less Spanish mangoes are expected compared to last year, which was a record year for Spanish mangoes.

"The year is an 'off year' for the Spanish mangoes. The flowering didn't go very well, so there are less fruits on the trees. Thi…