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Piñata Farms : The Honey Gold Mango begins it's journey to market ...

Beautiful sunny weather in South East Queensland has been perfect for the Honey Gold Mango flowering. 

Can you spot the teeny tiny baby mangoes on this flower? 

These will be ready to harvest in February 2014. 

— in Wamuran, Queensland, Australia.


Join the Global Pineapple Industry in San Jose, Costa Rica on November 01, 2013:

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El barco detenido en Panamá depara sorpresas para Cuba y Norcorea

21 Aug 2013

El tema aún permanece en secreto. 

Pero esta semana en las Naciones Unidas se hablará del asunto ya que allí es que se estará decidiendo la suerte del barco norcoreano detenido en Panamá con un enorme cargamento de armas y municiones que incluye hasta un par de aviones MIG rusos que todavía podrían volar. 

Cada día hay nuevos hallazgos como el de motores y plantas nuevos que desmienten que hayan sido enviados a ser reparados.

 Interesante que en la exhaustiva revisión que las autoridades panameñas vienen haciendo del buque y su carga apareció un contenedor lleno totalmente de billetes de Euros y Dólares. 

Harán las pruebas para determinar si son falsos, como se presume, o verdaderos.

Cualquier resultado es muy grave para Cuba y Corea del Norte pues de las dos maneras hay delito. Un diplomático en la ONU recordó que en el año 1969 había sido detenido en Madrid el cubano Rafael Manuel García Bango y Dirube por tráfico de dólares falsos y que tras haber sido condenado a 18 años de …

MANGO MILLIONAIRE TRAVEL : The world's ten best airport bars

By Leo Schmid


Next time you're watching the cancellation station (better known as the terminal information board), cross your fingers and pray that you just so happen to be at the same spot as one of these ten best airport bars in the world, where instead of finishing your latest harlequin sensation, you can de-ice your wings with a little liquid pick-me-up poolside, listen to live music, or land a craft cocktail.

10. Eyecon, Copenhagen 
The minimalist-style two-story Eyecon in Copenhagen offers up Scandinavian food & drink, including the "Taste of Denmark": an open prawn sandwich and a glass of ice cold beer for DKK 99 (or just under 20 greenbacks, which by airport/ Scandi standards is a deal).

9. O2 Bar, Las Vegas 

Terminals C and D at the Vegas International Airport are home to the O2 Oxygen bars, where you can pass the time by reducing a hangover with oxygen tubes of scented water. That's correct, you will pay money for air and water, and you will like…

What Americans think of their own country ....


Myrcene health benefit and fragrance information

Myrcene is an natural organic compound classified as a hydrocarbon and a monoterpene. Myrcene is obtained from the essential oil from the plants bay, verbena, myrcia and others. It can also be synthesized by the pyrolysis of pinene.

Myrcene is one of the most important chemicals used in the perfume industry. 

Because of its pleasant odor, it is occasionally used directly. 

But it is also highly valued as an intermediate for the preparation of flavor and fragrance chemicals such as menthol, citral, citronellol, citronellal, geraniol, nerol, and linalool.

Myrcene antioxidant benefits

Protective effect of linalool, myrcene and eucalyptol against t-butyl hydroperoxide induced genotoxicity in bacteria and cultured human cells.

Food Chem Toxicol. 2009; Mitić-Culafić D, Zegura B, Knezević-Vukcević J, Filipic M. Mitić-Culafić D, Zegura B, Nikolić B, Vuković-Gacić B, Knezević-Vukcević J, Filipic M. Chair of Microbiology, Faculty of Biology, University …