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THE MARKET NEXT DOOR : Pakistan mangoes sell at Rs 80/kg in Delhi as against Rs 150-200 for desi variety

By Madhvi Sally, ET Bureau | 3 Sep, 2013, 04.00AM IST

In retail, Pakistani man goes are being sold at Rs 80 a kg while prices of the domestic crop are at Rs 150-200 a kg. “The taste is very sweet and the colour is good.

NEW DELHI: Mangoes from Pakistan are giving a tough competition to local varieties in domestic and export markets this season. At the fag end of the season, Pakistan's chausa and fazli varieties are coming through Poonch and Srinagar to the north Indian market. 

In retail, Pakistani man goes are being sold at Rs 80 a kg while prices of the domestic crop are at Rs 150-200 a kg. "The taste is very sweet and the colour is good. Leading retailers are buying them as the prices are competitive," said Chamanlal Dhingra, a leading mango trader at the Azadpur mandi in Delhi. Traders said the king of fruits first came from Pakistan in 2012 through Jammu and Kashmir in small quantities. 

"This year, the harvest is good and we expect arrivals from Pakistan to contin…

22 reasons why starting World War III in Middle East is a really bad idea

Posted by EU Times on Aug 28th, 2013 

While most of the country is obsessing over Miley Cyrus, the Obama administration is preparing a military attack against Syria which has the potential of starting World War 3. 

In fact, it is being reported that cruise missile strikes could begin “as early as Thursday“. 

The Obama administration is pledging that the strikes will be “limited”, but what happens when the Syrians fight back?

What happens if they sink a US naval vessel or they have agents start hitting targets inside the United States? Then we would have a full-blown war on our hands. And what happens if the Syrians decide to retaliate by hitting Israel? If Syrian missiles start raining down on Tel Aviv, Israel will be extremely tempted to absolutely flatten Damascus, and they are more than capable of doing precisely that. And of course Hezbollah and Iran are not likely to just sit idly by as their close ally Syria is battered into oblivion.

We are looking at a scenario where the entire Mid…

Nimitz Rerouted To Syria As More Destroyers Arrive; Syrians Mock Obama; Saudis Drum Up Support For Syrian Strikes

Submitted by Tyler Durden

on 09/01/2013 21:07 -0400

While it is unknown is the US is suddenly focusing more on non-Cyprus based air support in the aftermath of the Cypriot decision to prohibit the launch of air strikes from its territory (just in time following a Russian agreement to restructure Cyprus debt), what is known, according to Reuters, is that while broad popular opinion is that the war drums are beating far more quietly following Obama's Saturday punt to Congress (a decision which can certainly still go either way), the US has decided to reroute CVN-68 USS Nimitz, and other ships in its strike group including four destroyers, in direction west toward the Red Sea "to help support a limited U.S. strike on Syria, if needed, defense officials said on Sunday."

From Reuters:

The Nimitz carrier strike group, which includes four destroyers and a cruiser, has no specific orders to move to the eastern Mediterranean at this point, but is moving west in the Arabian Sea so it …

Miguel Diaz-Canel: meet the next president of Cuba

He's under 80, he's not called Castro and he's ready to usher in a brave new political era

Cuban elected first vice-president Miguel Diaz-Canel is tipped for the top. 
Photograph: Adalberto Roque/AFP/Getty Images

Age: 52.

Appearance: Headmaster on inspection day.

Full name: Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez.

Occupation: The next president of Cuba.

Never heard of him. When was he elected? He wasn't. Raul Castro was.

So Raul Castro is the next Cuban president. He was already president, and on his re-election he announced that his second term would be his last.

And then, presumably, they will hold another election. In Cuba the president is elected by the National Assembly, and Castro has tipped Diaz-Canel as his successor.

What's his job now?

He's just been appointed to the number-two spot – first vice-president of the Council of State.

How do we account for his meteoric rise?
We don't have to – his rise has been anything but meteoric. Diaz-Canel has been working his way u…