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Brazilian mangoes entering after big Mexican season

09/05/2013 02:46:00 PM
Doug Ohlemeier

Buyers should expect consistent fall mango volumes after a summer of abnormally high Mexican supplies ends.

Importers began receiving their first Brazilian shipments in mid-August, and they say they expect the transition to Brazil and other Southern Hemisphere production regions to go smoothly.

During the summer, Mexico supplied record weekly shipments that often exceeded 3 million cartons, said Greg Golden, sales manager and co-owner of Amazon Produce Network, Mullica Hill, N.J.

In the past, exporters would hit the 3 million level but not for as many consecutive weeks as this season, he said.

Golden said buyers should be pleased with Brazilian volumes and quality.

“It has fantastic color and gorgeous eating quality,”
he said in late August.

“We will ramp up steadily, but we don’t see a huge incentive for growers to accelerate their packings for the U.S. Their internal market is very strong due to a droug…

FAKE : Dollar counterfeiting capital of the world is now Peru

Dollar counterfeiting: With its meticulous criminal craftsmen, cheap labor and, by some accounts, less effective law enforcement, Peru has in the past two years overtaken Colombia as the No. 1 source of counterfeit US dollars

By Carla Salazar, Associated Press / September 5, 2013

A police officer inspects an alleged counterfeit $100 US dollar note during a media presentation in Lima, Peru, in 2012. With its meticulous criminal craftsmen, cheap labor and, by some accounts, less effective law enforcement, Peru has in the past two years overtaken Colombia as the No. 1 source of counterfeit US dollars, says the Secret Service, protector of the world’s most widely-traded currency.

Karel Navarro/AP/File


The police colonel was stunned by the skill of the 13-year-old arrested during a raid oncounterfeiters in Lima's gritty outskirts, how he deftly slid the shiny plastic security strip through a bogus $100 banknote emblazoned with Benjamin Franklin's face.

The boy demonstrated hi…

P3 CEO: These are the challenges for the alliance


There are three cultures to consider, bridges to build and water tight shutters that need to be established at the operational level in P3.

 ShippingWatch has spoken to the alliance's newly appointed CEO.

Published 05.09.13 at 13:39

On Wednesday, Lars Michael Jensen was named as the future CEO of P3 Network Center. 

The London-based center will serve as the operational unit controlling the massive collaborative effort in the coming P3 alliance.

As head of operations, Lars Michael Jensen's job will be to unite the expectations and cultures of the three carriers.

"It will be my job to make sure that the network created by the three carriers runs as smoothly, efficiently, and reliably as possible,"
says Lars Michael Jensen, who's pleased to have been given the opportunity to head the major project, which covers 255 ships and the handling of around 2.6 million teu per year.

He has been involved in the project…

CUBAZUELA : Venezuela sin luz y al borde del despeñadero

by Carlos Vilchez Navamuel

• 4 septiembre, 2013 • 

Por Carlos Vilchez Navamuel

Las continuas noticias sobre la situación internas en Venezuela no terminan, ayer 03-09-13 tanto los medios de prensa nacionales como internacionales publicaron que el país había sufrido un apagón en 14 Estados.

El presidente Maduro justificó su incapacidad como siempre, y salió al paso culpando a lo que él llama la extrema derecha venezolana, sus manifestaciones el 03-09-13 a través de su twitter fueron 

“A esta hora todo parece indicar que la extrema derecha a retomado su plan de Golpe Eléctrico contra el país. Alerta y Activos los Venceremos”.

(Los errores ortográficos son de Maduro).

Maduro ocultó una información que seguro él sabía pero que el periódico Nacional de Venezuela del 03-09-13 nos lo recordó como lo podemos ver a continuación “Los sindicatos de Corpoelec en el estado Bolívar habían advertido de un apagón multiestado en el mes de febrero por la inestabilidad del Sistema Eléctrico Nacional (SEN)” …

EDUCATING THE CONSUMER : Australian shoppers know nothing about mangoes

ABC Rural

By Marty McCarthy

Updated 8 hours 42 minutes ago

PHOTO: Kensington Pride mangoes growing on a tree in north Queensland (Marty McCarthy)

AUDIO: Mangoes mystify shoppers (ABC Rural)
MAP: Townsville 4810

It's Australia's most anticipated summer fruit, but shoppers don't seem to know much about the humble mango.

Kensington Prides, Calypsos, Honey Golds, R2E2s, Keitts, Palmers and Brooks are just some varieties of mango Australia produces each year.

But in a recent survey of confessed "mango-lovers", almost half didn't even know mangoes come in more than one variety. 

North Queensland farmer Paul le Feuvre grows Kensington Prides and says it's about time shoppers learnt the difference. 

"That's a big issue," he said.

"When I speak to people and look at the research, it seems a lot of people are not happy with the mangoes they're buying and don't understand why."

"If we could get some recognition for the old Kensington Pride v…

STRATFOR ANALYSIS : The commonly held belief that a post-al Assad Syria invariably would be bad for Iran is not a guarantee....

Iran: Managing U.S. Military Action in Syria

Analysis SEPTEMBER 4, 2013 | 0630

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran on Sept. 3.(BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images)

Summary Conventional wisdom says that a weakened Syria would undermine Iran's regional influence, but a U.S. military intervention in the country could actually benefit Tehran. The government there has devised a sophisticated strategy for responding to a U.S. attack. Of course, Tehran would activate its militant proxies in the region, including Hezbollah, in the event that the United States launches an attack, but it would also exploit Washington's visceral opposition to Sunni jihadist and Islamist groups to gain concessions elsewhere.

Analysis Iran already has engaged diplomatically with many of those involved in the Syrian conflict. Over the past weekend, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the foreign affairs and national security head for the Iranian parliament, led a delegation to Damascus, presumably to discuss the potential…