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USA : This Map Shows Where You're Most Likely To Meet A Super-Rich Person


SEP. 10, 2013, 8:21 PM 

There are more "ultra-rich" people in the world than ever before, with the number of individuals worth $30 million or more approaching 200,000 globally, according to a new report from Wealth-X and UBS.

The number of Ultra-High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals (defined in the report as those with total net assets of $30 million and above) is growing particularly quickly in the U.S., which added 5,000 UHNW individuals to its ranks in the past 12 months, for a total of 65,505 ultra-rich.

The report also breaks down the number of UHNW individuals by state. Massachusetts had the fastest growth in its ultra-rich population, which increased 35% between 2012 and 2013. Since the biggest states obviously had the largest numbers of wealthy folks, we normalized the data to see which states had the highest proportions of ultra-rich residents.

Wyoming, with its small overall population, had the highest number of ultra-rich people per capita …


Words and Photos by Thomas Tomczyk

Utila seems to attract eccentric characters from everywhere. Visionaries, artists and characters have looked to Utila as an escape to make their impact on the world. Some of them succeeded, many failed, but all left a mark.

One of the most fascinating sights on Utila is a semi-deserted group of structures overlooking Sandy Bay from between giant oak trees. It is just a shadow of the fruits of the labor of dozens of people who have tried and failed to create the premiere hotel of the Caribbean. 

What remains is a folly, still dominating enough to make anyone wonder about its original visionary: Bradford Duncan.

Welcome to Duncan's folly. The seven-building compound was planned so that the to-be Crown Colony Hotel would be independent for power, water and sewage disposal. There was a power generator building, with a 60-foot concrete shaft well. The shaft is so deep that Kurt Halverston, an American businessm…



Most of us have had antibiotics before, usually when we're sick. But we've also been hearing about warnings from health experts that an over reliance on antibiotics has produced what's known as superbugs - basically mutated diseases that are immune to antibiotics.

Now, a new study has found that this problem may be the most serious in mainland China.

China currently uses the most antibiotics of any country in the in the world. This is partly because of the size of its population , but also because Chinese people use them a lot more. For example, on average, a Chinese person would consume 138 grams of antibiotics per year. That's 10 times more than in the United States. Also, while the World Health Organization recommends that hospitals give no more than 30% of in-patients antibiotics, in China, 70% of inpatients get them.

So why is it so overused? 

Well, because even though China has a semi-communist system, the government doesn't really suppor…

JOC : Survey Warns London at Risk of Losing Shipping Predominance

JOC Staff 

| Sep 10, 2013 12:35PM EDT

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge at dusk.

London is in danger of losing its position as a global maritime center.

Although the city still maintains its predominance in the maritime world, it is at risk of declining influence over the next decade, according to a survey of young shipping professionals.

Almost 70 percent of young professionals by the Shipping Professional Network warned that London could lose its influence unless specific measures are put in place to address the key challenges to its future development.

Respondents were provided with a list of key challenges facing London in its attempts to remain a relevant global maritime center and asked to choose the three options that they considered to be most important, in order of priority. The leading choice was “competitiveness,” followed by “taxation” and “the ability to adapt to a fast-changing environment.”

The survey, which was conducted in cooperation with shipping consultancy Moore Stephens, c…


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