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Contact: Andy Forbes
Tampa Port Authority
(813) 905-5132


Tampa, Florida-

The Tampa Port Authority (TPA) issued a major Press Release today announcing the participation of  TPA and Green Express (GX) as Platinum level Sponsors of the IPO Global Pineapple Conference to be held in San Jose, Costa Rica at the Marriott Hotel on Friday, November 01, 2013.

The PRESS RELEASE opened with the statement that:

"The Tampa Port authority (TPA) is blazing new trails into the Fresh Fruir Service and Logistics chain".

As part of the Port Authority's participation in the conference, Raul Alfonso, the TPA's Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), will take part in a Transportation sector Panel discussion on the fresh produce industry's long-standing logistics and distribution challenges, along with the TPA's new business partner, Green Express (GX).

Said partnership which was recently signed (Last Month) was est…

Apresan en Costa Rica a cuatro canadienses sospechosos de fraude

San José,

12 sep


 La Policía de Costa Rica arrestó a cuatro canadienses como sospechosos de cometer un millonario fraude electrónico con tarjetas clonadas, informó hoy una fuente oficial.Según un comunicado del Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ), la supuesta banda fue detenida este miércoles en el sector oeste de la capital costarricense cuando sus integrantes viajaban en un automóvil.

A los canadienses les fueron decomisadas 225 tarjetas crédito falsas, 20 mil dólares en efectivo y equipo electrónico para falsificar tarjetas.

De acuerdo con el texto, los cuatro extranjeros ingresaron al país el pasado 7 de septiembre y comenzaron a retirar dinero de cajeros automáticos con tarjetas clonadas a usuarios de bancos de su país.

La información de la OIJ precisó que algunas de las tarjetas que utilizaron los sospechosos se quedaron retenidas en cajeros automáticos, por lo que se dio aviso a la Sección de Fraudes de esa institución.

Después de recibir el aviso, agentes de la Policía I…


A Second Passport with Dominica—My Experience

by Robert Williams / September 13, 2013

Regular IM readers know there are many ways of acquiring a second passport. There's the ancestry route, marrying a native, immigration plus years of residency, or, if you are in a hurry, you can simply buy one outright via the economic citizenship route.

To my knowledge there are presently only two countries where you can obtain citizenship without a residency requirement: Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Dominica.

Both are tiny Caribbean islands with few ways to attract outside investment except tourism, which is why they have such programs in the first place

My reason for choosing Dominica is simple. It's the cheapest and quickest way to obtain legitimate dual citizenship without any residency requirements.

For me the lack of a residency requirement is the best part of the program. 

Most countries require several months of in-country presence to qualify for permanent residency, let alone citizenship.