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GO-NOWHERE GENERATION: Why Young People Are Stuck


SEP. 23, 2013, 1:48 PM 

Brookings: "The Great American Migration Slowdown"

At a time when young Americans have never been more connected, they sure have gotten used to staying put.

The chance that 20-somethings would pack up and move to another state has fallen by more than 40% since the 1980s, according to U.S. Census data.

 At the same time, young people are increasingly choosing to move back home with their parents and, in some cases, never leave in the first place.

"Sometime in the past 30 years, someone has hit the brakes and Americans — particularly young Americans — have become risk-averse and sedentary,"
Todd G. Buchholz, author of “Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race," wrote in a controversial NY Times piece.

"Today’s generation is literally going nowhere. This is the Occupy movement we should really be worried about." 

Economically speaking, there's never been more incentive to do whatever it takes to find work. 

Workers age…


By Kevin Gianni

It’s always exciting to read about a new anti-aging food with great potential in the area of human health. 

So many times, however, these foods are exotic, and can be found only in other countries, through specialized programs, or on the Internet through questionable sites.

Fortunately, you don’t have to twist yourself inside out or spend a mint to enjoy the health benefits of anti-aging foods. 

There are plenty right in your local grocery store. 

Below are ten that are tasty, easy-to-find, and have shown in studies to have solid potential in preserving youth and vitality.

1. Avocados

Mexican researchers studied the properties of avocado oil on yeast cells, and discovered that the oil allowed the yeast cells to survive exposure to high concentrations of iron, which produces a huge amount of free radicals—even up to the higher levels found in some types of human diseases. 

Scientists concluded that the oil may possess the same kind of anti-aging properties as olive oil, and co…

Shin Bet probe reveals scope of Hamas money laundering through Chinese banks

Laundering continued years after the Bank of China affair, Israel's security service reveals.

By Chaim Levinson |

 Sep. 29, 2013 | 9:26 AM |

A woman walks past a Bank of China sign in Bejing, Photo by Reuters

Chaim Levinson

Shin Bet

From Gaza to China: Hamas' money trail


China tried to cover up counterterrorism meetings with Israeli officials

A Shin Bet security service investigation reveals that China is a central financial channel for funding Hamas activity worldwide. 

Its February-March 2012 probe connected Chinese banks to the transference of money to Hamas prisoners. 

The Shin Bet seized numerous documents of the transfers and a list of accounts in which the money was deposited in China.

The key to discovering the network was the testimony of Amar Mer’i, a West Bank money changer who had previously transferred money from laborers from Gaza to their families, but had stopped this activity after pressure from the Palestinian Authority to cu…


A Shin Bet security probe reveals that China is a central financial channel for funding Hamas activity worldwide.

¿Vientos de paz en Oriente Próximo?

Posted: 28 Sep 2013 11:30 AM PDT

Por Carlos Vilchez Navamuel

Oriente Próximo

El Nuevo Herald nos informó el viernes pasado que el presidente de los Estados Unidos de América, Barack Obama había hablado por teléfono con el presidente de Irán Hasán Ruhani, algo que no ocurría desde hacía más de 30 años. 

 El hecho ocurrió según la nota de este periódico pocas horas después de que Ruhani, quien se encontraba en Estados Unidos debido a la celebración de la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas, calificó a este país como “una gran nación”.

En una conferencia de prensa el presidente de los Estados Unidos de América, Barack Obama, dijo entre otras cosa que “Su conversación con el líder iraní fue constructiva”. 


 “Aunque seguramente habrán obstáculos importantes para el progreso, y de ninguna manera está el éxito garantizado, creo que podemos lograr una solución integral”.

Elperiódico El País de España, …

India to seek market access for mangoes, bovine meat from South Africa

By PTI | 29 Sep, 2013, 12.10PM IST

India is expected to seek from South Africa market access for mangoes, grapes and bovine meat in order to increase the country's exports.

JOHANNESBURG: India is expected to seek from South Africa market access for mangoes, grapes and bovine meat in order to increase the country's exports.

The issue is likely to be raised by Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma during his meeting with South African Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies on Tuesday here.

Sharma is here for the 3rd India-Africa Trade Ministers meeting.

The South African authorities are in the process of conducting a Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) for import of mangoes and grapes from India. 

"The Minister would ask his counterpart to expedite the PRA and consider granting market access to Indian mangoes and grapes, as our request of market access is pending for a long time now,"
an official told PTI.

Sharma would also express his concerns over the temporary suspension pl…