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It Increasingly Looks Like Obama Will Have To Raise The Debt Ceiling All By Himself



SEP. 30, 2013, 9:31 AM 


With no movement on either side and the debt ceiling fast approaching, there's increasing talk that the solution will be for Obama to issue an executive order and require the Treasury to continue paying U.S. debt holders even if the debt ceiling isn't raised.

Here's Greg Valliere at Potomac Research:

HOW DOES THIS END? What worries many clients we talk with is the absence of a clear end-game. We think three key elements will have to be part of the final outcome: First, a nasty signal from the stock market. Second, a daring move from Barack Obama to raise the debt ceiling by executive order if default appears to be imminent. Third, a capitulation by Boehner, ending the shut-down and debt crisis in an arrangement between a third of the House GOP and virtually all of the Democrats.

Valliere isn't the only one seeing this outcome.

Here's David Kotok at Cumberland Advisors:

We expect this craziness to last into October an…

YANKEE GO HOME !!! : MAMaduro dio 48 horas a tres norteamericanos para salir de Venezuela

Aseguró que los tres pertenecen a la embajada de EEUU en Caracas. 

Maduro hizo entrega del Plan de la Patria a Diosdado Cabello. 

También hizo entrega de condecoraciones al 143 Batallón de Infantería Mecanizada Coronel Atanasio Girardot del Ejército Bolivariano de Venezuela. 

Creó el Cespa, un nuevo organismo dedicado a la defensa nacional.

El Presidente aseguró tener pruebas de intervencionismo norteamericano. (VTV)

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Maduro nombra a diplomáticos norteamericanos expulsados de Venezuela

Kelly Keirderling el pasado jueves en la UCAB Guayana: EEUU es una democracia fuerte por tener prensa libre


lunes 30 de septiembre de 2013 03:33 PM

El presidente de la República, Nicolás Maduro, expulsó del país a tres "diplomáticos norteamericanos" que, según expuso, pertenecen a la embajada norteamericana de EEUU por sabojate e intervencionismo, durante la conmemoración del 200 aniversario la caída de Atanasio Girardot, desde la ciudad de Santa Ana, estado Falcón.


¿Es el calentamiento global producto de la actividad humana?

by Carlos Vilchez Navamuel

• 29 septiembre, 2013 • 

Por Carlos Vilchez Navamuel

El nuevo informe del Grupo Intergubernamental de Expertos sobre el Cambio Climático (IPCC) afirma que la influencia humana ha sido la principal causa del calentamiento global, además asegura que “hay 95% de probabilidad de que el calentamiento global se deba a los humanos”.

 El IPCC fue establecido por la Organización Meteorológica Mundial y el Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente en 1988 y ganó el premio Nobel de la Paz en 2007.

 El IPCC no confirma en un 100% que el calentamiento global es provocado por el hombre, pero afirma que es “extremadamente probable”.

Esta teoría se viene afirmando desde principios de los 50 del siglo pasado, tomó mucha fuerza después de los 80, sin embargo en el 2007 otro grupo de científicos ingleses contradijo ese razonamiento con otra teoría muy bien documentada q…

Organic vs. Conventional Foods : Which are more likely to cause a food poisoning outbreak?

September 30, 2013 

Author: David Schardt 

in: Food Safety

“Both organic and conventional foods can be a source of food poisoning outbreaks,” explains Charles Benbrook, a research professor at Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources in Pullman. 

“However, in an organic system, there’s a much higher level of microbial biodiversity, so there are more naturally beneficial microbes in the system and soil.”

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“Studies show that when you introduce pathogens into an organic system, they often don’t survive very long because the biologically rich community of organisms that’s naturally there either competes effectively with them or uses them for lunch,”
says Benbrook.

“Pesticide use in conventional agriculture tends to reduce microbial biodiversity, both in the soil and on the surfaces of the plant. So when a pathogen does take hold,…


Agribusiness Seminar

Agribusiness Seminar

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In the agribusiness industry, every year brings new trends and challenges. While demand continues to grow, consumer needs shift, production challenges increase, and evolving technology impacts every part of the value chain. The complex network of businesses that brings food and other agricultural products to market must continually reconfigure itself in such a highly dynamic …

U.S.: Whole Foods plans tiered labeling for sustainable produce

September 30th, 2013

Beginning in fall 2014, Whole Foods Market will provide in-store guidance for ethically and environmentally conscious produce 

A three-tier rating system will label produce and floral products with “good,” “better” and “best” based on a series of criteria identified as significant for sustainable farming.

Edmund LaMacchia, global vice president of perishables, described the program as effort to enrich consumers’ experience and support the company’s supply partners.

“The new produce ratings will provide deeper transparency to our shoppers, helping them make conscious choices while also celebrating the great work and responsible practices of growers beyond their organic and local efforts,”
LaMacchia said.

Qualifications for the rankings include pest management, farmworker welfare, pollinator protection, water conservation and protection and soil health. The criteria also include management of ecosystems, biodiversity, waste, recycling and packaging, energy a…

China releases phytosanitary requirements for Pakistani mangoes

September 30th, 2013

China and Pakistan have revised and re-signed a phytosanitary protocol for the export of mangoes to the East Asian country, with new inspection and quarantine requirements that must be met.

According to a release by China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), the details of the protocol were based on a pest risk analysis (PRA) that listed nine pests of concern including Bactrocera zonata,Sternochetus mangiferae and Stemochetus frigidus.

To mitigate the pest risk of Bactrocera zonata, AQSIQ demands hot water treatment for all Pakistani mangoes in facilities that are registered in the South Asian country, with treatments lasting more than an hour at a water temperature of 48°C (118°F).

The fruit must be tested by Chinese experts in the fields.

Pakistan gained mango access to China in July.

AUSTRALIA : Massive fruit drops plague Territory mango growers

ABC Rural

By Carmen Brown

Posted 8 hours 15 minutes ago

PHOTO: Marie Piccone inspects the Manbullo mango crop near Katherine (Carmen Brown)

AUDIO: Katherine mango growers expect a poor harvest(ABC Rural)

MAP: Katherine 0850

One of the biggest mango growing regions in Australia has lost thousands of dollars worth of crop because of a major fruit drop event.

Mid-season crop estimates for the Katherine region had already indicated a 15 per cent drop in production from last season, down to 1.7 million trays.

But managing director of Manbulloo Mangoes, Marie Piccone, says some growers are now expecting much lighter yields.

"What I am actually seeing and hearing is that the crop is substantially down on a lot of farms, across varieties,"
she said.

"It is hard to gauge completely, but some people are talking about the crop being down as much as 80 per cent lower than last year.

"Some are more fortunate, with 50 per cent less, and some with maybe 20 or 30 per cent less.

"We have…