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United States: The Problem of Aging Infrastructure on Inland Waterways


NOVEMBER 5, 2013

Cargo ships pass along the Mississippi River on April 13, 2011, in New Orleans. Mario Tama/Getty Images


The United States continues to face the problem of aging infrastructure on major water-based transport routes. 

A new waterways bill that is likely to be finalized soon -- the first such legislation since 2007 -- addresses some of the inefficiencies in the current system.

 However, the larger looming problem of insufficient funding remains. 

The U.S. inland waterways infrastructure is old, much-needed improvements have been delayed and the total cost of rehabilitation is expected to rise.

This is not a new or unknown problem, but measures to address the problem have been limited, and there is no immediate, rapid solution. 

Navigable rivers are one of the United States' inherent geographic benefits and have contributed to the nation's economic success. 

Failure to update and maintain the inland waterways could lead to disruptions in the supply chain an…

The World's 10 Most Polluted Places [Slide Show]

The list includes locations suffering from toxic pollution as a result of everything from e-waste to chemical weapons

By David Biello

AGBOGBLOSHIE: This e-waste dump where scavengers create toxic pollution by burning off the sheathing of copper wires is among the world's worst hot spots for toxic pollution.Image: Blacksmith Institute

10 Most Polluted Places [Slide Show]

Agbogbloshie, a neighborhood of Accra, Ghana, wasn't a pretty place in 2006, but the rising flood of e-waste had yet to completely drown the dump in the middle of town in toxic pollution. 

Ghana now imports some 215,000 metric tons of European computers, cell phones, microwaves, refrigerators, televisions and other electronic goods, making Agbogbloshie the second-largest site for processing such e-waste in all of west Africa. It may yet take the title as largest because e-waste imports are expected to double by 2020. 

And Agbogbloshie has already earned the dubious distinction of landing on the Blacksmith Institute&#…

Peladora para procesar entre 2.100 y 2.400 mangos por hora

Murre Techniek presenta su nueva máquina peladora de mangos (semi)automática, que procesa entre 2.100 y 2.400 mangos por hora. 

Las fotos muestran lo delicada e uniformemente que la PL6M pela estas frutas, independientemente de las variaciones de forma y tamaño. 

Tras este eficiente proceso de pelado, en el que se reduce la pérdida de piel al mínimo, los mangos pueden cortarse en dados o porciones y, por ejemplo, colocarse en vasos de aperitivo como fruta lista para consumir.

Murre Techniek es distribuidor de las máquinas de la italiana PND para pelar, cortar y deshuesar para varias frutas como manzanas, peras, kiwis, naranjas, melones, piñas, etc.

 La empresa se ocupa de las ventas y del servicio de las máquinas de PND en el Benelux.

Más información:
Bastiaan Hoogerland
Murre Techniek b.v.
Zuidweg 18-20
4413 NM Krabbendijke
Tel.: 0031 113-503080
Fax: 0031 113-503885
Móvil: 0031 6-20056560

Fecha de publicación: 07/11/2013…



ChapelHill Financial Limited specializes in providing corporate finance and intermediary services to both public and private middle-market businesses.

We are currently engaged with a collective group of private
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They are Maintaining a focused approach towards Greenfield
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In selecting individual investments, their focus has been on:

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