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You Are What You Eat, and You Eat What You Earn

By Dorothy Gambrell and Mark Glassman

November 12, 2013

There are plenty of reasons why Americans eat the foods they do, but two of the most important factors in determining diets are income levels and education.

An analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture reinforces the notion that high earners with college degrees are more likely than other Americans to eat a healthy diet. In the opposite corner, lower-income Americans without high school degrees are more likely to drink whole milk and eat beans cooked with animal fats. Still, it’s hard to explain the divide between orange juice (high-income college grads), apple juice (low-income college grads), and whole oranges (low-income, less than a high school diploma).

Gambrell is a contributing graphics editor for Bloomberg Businessweek. Glassman is a producer for Bloomberg TV.


November 12, 2013 ~ A Note from the Mango Lady
As many of you know, the wonderful dried mangoes we provide through are faithfully provided by 7D Dried Mangoes of Cebu City, Philippines. While we await further news of the group there, our thoughts and prayers go to all those in the devastation.

When our mango adventure began over five years ago, a small way to give back to the region was to sponsor a local boy through Compassion, a global ministry.

As noted in an email today from the Compassion team...

"Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines last Friday, November 8, with winds exceeding 310 km per hour, heavy rain and flooding affecting millions of people. This is one of the worst natural disasters to hit the region since the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. ... Many families were able to seek shelter in safe areas and evacuation shelters. All of our church partners in affected areas have provided emergency food provisions for affected families. They have been coordi…

Perú exportará 3.000 toneladas de mango por vía aérea

Un total de 3.000 toneladas métricas (TM) de mango fresco serían exportadas por avión esta campaña, que se extiende de noviembre a febrero, informó Armando Grados Mogrovejo, gerente general del operador logístico Frío Aéreo. 

El gerente explicó que el volumen se mantendría respecto al exportado vía aérea la campaña pasada, en correlación con las proyecciones totales de exportación del fruto, que también serían similares a las de 2012-2013. Los envíos aéreos representarían el 3% de los embarques estimados para esta temporada, que según la consultora Inform@cción, llegarían a 100.000 TM.

"Cuando se producen ventanas excepcionales de precios, a las que hay que llegar en cuatro días, es imposible hacerlo vía marítima. Entonces, al exportar vía aérea sí se logra, lo que hace que el precio promedio de la campaña también se eleve",

"En cuanto se logre profundizar más el mercado, con mejores presentaciones y hayan más ventanas de oportunidad, se irá incrementando la vía a…

Venezuela to toughen price controls, set profits

Posted: Nov 11, 2013 7:41 AM PST

Updated: Nov 11, 2013 7:42 AM PST

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is extending price controls and will place limits on profits as he extends attempts to curb the galloping inflation that is eroding support for his rule.

Maduro made the announcement in a late-night television address Sunday in which he also vowed to step up inspections of businesses selling shoes, clothing, automobiles and other goods to make sure they aren't gouging consumers.

"We can't just close the businesses; the owners have to go to jail,"
Maduro said in an impassioned speech in which he cited Jewish, Muslim and Christian texts to harangue businessmen he accuses of usury.

"We can't allow our hard currency to be used to rob people through the sale of these goods."

Huge crowds of government loyalists and opponents formed outside appliance stores over the weekend after Maduro ordered the military to occupy the Daka chain of elec…