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Dr Yoshimi Yonemoto of Jinnai Farm 21 in 北海道樺戸郡浦臼町 checks a mango just prior to harvest. 

The noted hortiiculturalist has worked with mangos from Hokkaido to Ishigaki, helping growers to produce high quality fruit for consumers in Japan. 

The farm produces as much as 50 metric tons of mangos per year for consumers. — with Yoshimi Yonemoto.

Miki Kusaka from Jinnai Farm21院海道樺戸郡浦臼町 places just picked mangos on a line to be weighed and have their color and sugar checked. 

In peak season over 2000 mangoes a day can be checked and packaged according to size, color and sugar content. 

Less than 5% of all mangoes grown are of the ¥10,000 yen each class. 

Most of the Hokkaido house grown fully ripe mangos are priced from ¥1500 yen to ¥5000.