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Amazon Experimenting With Drones That Will Deliver Packages In 30 Minutes


DEC. 1, 2013, 8:16 PM

Amazon is experimenting with drones that will deliver packages within 30 minutes. CEO Jeff Bezos made the announcement in a "60 Minutes" interview Sunday night with Charlie Rose. 

Bezos expects the drones to be fully autonomous and in operation within four or five years. 

He said there are numerous tests and regulations to deal with in the meantime. 

Amazon calls the drone delivery service Prime Air.

No humans are involved. 

The small plastic package containing your items are loaded underneath a drone, which Amazon calls an octocopter, and automatically flown to your house.

CBS teased the "60 Minutes" segment repeatedly during football games Sunday, with Bezos saying he had a "big surprise" to share with everyone.

Here's a video of the Amazon drones in action:

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

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Bitcoin Plunges Into Bear Market

Submitted by Tyler Durden

on 12/01/2013 15:29 -0500

UPDATE: BTC has rallied 26% off its lows in the last 55 minutes - with extreme volumes

From it's gold-matching highs at $1242 on Thursday night, the price of Bitcoin has collapsed over $400 (32%) to $840 on heavy volume. Of course, this is only a one-week low for the exuberant digital currency but still a significant plunge (as its smaller brethren Litecoin has collapsed 51% from its highs). 

Interestingly, this drops the price of Bitcoin in USD below the 'arb'-based price of Bitcoin in China ($965).

 It seems, all coincidence aside, that the BIS infamous plunge-protection-team has been re-trained...

and as BTC collapsed, Gold rallied...

Chart: Bitcoinwisdom



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I'm Changing My Mind About Bitcoin


DEC. 1, 2013, 4:40 PM

Joe WEisenthal

I'm changing my mind about Bitcoin.

I used to think it was a joke or at best a currency for clowns.

Now, I no longer think that. Now, I don't know what its future is.

Here, let me explain.

I've gone through two phrases writing about the "crypto-currency"called Bitcoin. 

I first started paying close attention to it early this year. 

In April, during its first big mega-spike, I wrote Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value, And Will Never Be A Threat To Fiat Currency.

Then the price of Bitcoin crashed, and I kind of lost interest.

Then a few weeks ago, as the price of Bitcoin started exploding again, I wrote a post that earned me all kinds of trolls and anger on the Internet. That post was titled Bitcoin Is A Joke

That post seriously caused a major ruckus. Everyone on the Bitcoin message boards freaked out. Someone tried turning me into a meme.

Joe Weisenthal

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