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COCA-COLA : Even the world’s biggest brands can struggle to succeed in India.

Thinking outside the bottle

Coca-Cola chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent urges global companies to accept the market as it is, not as they wish it to be.

December 2013 | 

by Muhtar Kent

I moved to India with my family as a young boy. 

My father, a career diplomat, was dispatched to New Delhi to serve as the Republic of Turkey’s ambassador to India. 

We lived in New Delhi for two magical years. 

I don’t remember anything from those days about India’s politics or economics. 

What I do remember are the vibrant colors of clothing and flowers and shops that lined the streets, and the natural beauty of the Indian countryside, from the mountains to the north to the plains of the Ganges basin to the south. 

I remember the mysterious music, the aromas of spicy curries and chutneys that friends of my parents would prepare for us.

 And of course I remember the people: friendly, bright-eyed, ambitious, and sometimes very poor. Everywhere, crowds of people.

India was unlike any of the other places my fami…

Meet CO-TRAVELER: The NSA's Cell Phone Location Tracking Program

DECEMBER 5, 2013 | 


An article yesterday in the Washington Post disclosed the NSA's massive cell phone location program. The program, codenamed CO-TRAVELER, is designed to track who meets with whom and covers everyone who carries a cell phone, all around the world.

With neither public debate nor court authorization, CO-TRAVELER collects billions of records daily of cell phone user location information. 

It maps the relationships of cell phone users across global mobile network cables, gathering data about who you are physically with and how often your movements intersect with other cell phone users. 

The program even tracks when your phone is turned on or off.

The trillions of collected records, which add up to twice the amount of data in the Library of Congress’ print collection, are saved and stored in the NSA’s mammoth database called FASCIA. While allegedly aimed at foreigners and mobile phones overseas, the NSA admits that it has “incidentally” coll…


Free exchange

Stagnant thinking

An old explanation for economic drift gains a new following 

Dec 7th 2013 | From the print edition

EVEN before the financial crisis, there was a lurking suspicion that bubbles were the only way listless rich economies could keep growth up and unemployment down. 

“Recession-plagued nation demands new bubble to invest in,” joked the Onion, a satirical newspaper, in 2008. 

In a speech last month Larry Summers, an economist at Harvard University, gave the idea new credibility when he suggested that the rich world might be suffering from “secular stagnation”. 

He joins a growing rank of economists worrying that advanced economies will keep inflating bubbles in a doomed attempt to resurrect growth.

Secular stagnation is not a new idea. It was first popularised by Alvin Hansen, an economist and disciple of John Maynard Keynes, in the stagnant 1930s. 

Hansen thought a slowing of both population growth and technological progress would reduce opportunities for investment.…


Issue 701

December 9, 2013


Tesco's latest quarterly sales update made for more uncomfortable reading for the UK retail giant last week.

Like-for-like sales in the 13 weeks to 23 November fell in each of Tesco's ten markets.

There were three countries in which the sales decline was less steep than the previous quarter but, nonetheless, the period was another challenging one for Tesco.

In the UK, where LFLs were down 1.6%, Tesco has become caught between the continued strength of discounters Aldi and Lidl and the ongoing success of more upmarket grocers Sainsbury's and Waitrose.

One cannot deny Tesco CEO Philip Clarke has set about trying to inject the company's domestic arm with a sense of urgency and the business has undertaken a series of initiatives - from refreshing product ranges and refurbishing stores to investing in online and mobile - but, as yet, the efforts have yet to bear fruit.

Clarke has indicated it will take time for Tesco's moves to pay off but …

The Bitcoin Derivatives Market Has Arrived

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/08/2013 13:25 -0500

Having discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the crypto-currency and noted the extreme volatility of the last few weeks, it seemed only a matter of time before some ambitious entrepreneur tried to monetize the volatility. 

What better way to "manage the risk" of your virtual currency horde than buying (or selling) options (in a more levered way). 

Predictious, the Dublin-based prediction market, this week unveiled Bitcoin Option Spreads enabling both long- and short-positions to be constructed on the already extremely volatile 'asset'. 

Regulatory clamp-down in 3..2..1...

The basic mechanism is the same as every option spread market - a fixed payoff for getting the "bet" correct, in this case 10.

In the case below, the bet was that Bitcoin will (or will not) close at $1400 on Wednesday January 1st at 12:00am,

if you believe it will (close at or above $1400) you "buy" the contract at 3.49 (and sh…

Revelan factores que influyen en la compra de aguacate

9 de diciembre de 2013

Estudio del Hass Avocado Board entrega claves para aumentar las ventas del fruto

De acuerdo al Hass Avocado Board (HAB), lo categoría del aguacate ( o palta) continúa ofreciendo un impresionante crecimiento en los mercados minoristas de EE.UU., considerando que el año pasado, el volumen de venta al público superó las 1.1 billones de unidades, mientras que las ventas al por menor alcanzaron los US$1,2 mil millones.  


En relación a los anterior, y para ayudar a los minoristas a tener ganancias adicionales en el ya fuerte rendimiento de ventas, el Hass Avocado Board realizó un estudio denominado “Shopper Motivations and Influences: Driving Hass Avocado Sales at Retail”, donde identificó importantes factores de influencia en el proceso de compra.

“La investigación se realizó en consumidores fuertes y súper fuertes de aguacate, que planean compraraguacate antes de tiempo o comprarlos por impulso”, explicó Emiliano Escobedo, director ejecutivo …

AFRICA : The Last Frontier ....

Dear Esteemed Dr. Cavan,


As Nigeria marks one hundred years of its existence, the Nigeria centenary exhibition committee proudly present the Nigeria centenary exhibition/trade fair.

The Nigeria centenary exhibition will showcase Nigeria’s ingenuity, entrepreneur skills, creativity and craftsmanship as well as the achievement of ministries, departments, agencies and organized private sector to exhibit their contribution towards the attainment of Nigeria’s one hundred years of existence.

Nigeria centenary exhibition brings professionals together to share interest, explores issues and generate new ideas.

In view of this, and because of the important work that your Organizations do for the Global Agricultural Community,  you are cordially invited to come and exhibit, interact, acquire and be part of history as this happens once in a lif…