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FIRST IMAGES : King Mango Strut 2013 in Coconut Grove

King Mango Strut 2013 in Coconut Grove

Miami Mayor Tomas Regelado, left, and Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, center, prepare to present the key to the City of Miami to someone impersonating Toronto Mayor Rob Ford during the 32nd King Mango Strut in Coconut Grove on Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013. MARSHA HALPER / MIAMI HERALD STAFF FullsizeBuy Photo previous | next Image 1 of 13

This Mexico City Building Eats Smog for Lunch

A new exterior tile helps neutralize the chemicals present in pollution.

This beautiful building will tame the beast known as pollution. (Courtesy Elegant Embellishments)

April 11, 2013 

By Lawrence Karol

A former Gourmet staffer, Lawrence enjoys writing about design, food, travel, and lots of other stuff.
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There are plenty of architects these days who are doing their best to design buildings that are energy efficient and utilize green technology. 

And then there’s Allison Dring and Daniel Schwaag of the Berlin-based firm Elegant Embellishments.

For Torre de Especialidades, a hospital with a new tower currently under construction in Mexico City, the duo has developed a tile called proSolve370e, which will cover the façade of the building. 

The tile’s shape and chemical coating will help neutralize the chemicals present in the city’s smog.

Yes, that’s right, this building will literally eat pollution.

Dring tells TakePart that Elegant Embellishments was formed in 2006 as a kind of archite…