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AUSTRALIA : Tough mango season for Carnarvon growers

ABC Rural

By Lucie Bell

Posted 2 hours 53 minutes ago

PHOTO: Carnarvon growers have had a tough mango season, with water restrictions and two heatwaves(Lucie Bell)

AUDIO: Eddie explains the conditions this mango season(ABC Rural)

MAP: Carnarvon 6701

It's been a tough mango season for growers in Carnarvon, in Western Australia's north-west.

Grower Eddie Smith from Calypso Plantations is right in the thick of picking his crop but water restrictions and two heatwave events late last year have meant quite a lot of his fruit was burnt.

"We've got through all our R2E2s, we finished picking those three days ago. We were down 35 per cent this year,"
he said.

"The really good outside fruit got big black burn marks on it, which is disappointing. But we've done just under 1000 trays of Valencia Pride this week."

Mr Smith will have a couple of days off now, while waiting for his Calypso mangoes to ripen a little more.

That'll be followed by picking an African mango v…


Trouble at the Panama Canal

Your money or your locks

Jan 3rd 2014, 20:40 


THE $5.25 billion expansion of the Panama Canal is one of the world’s great infrastructure projects, aimed at enabling giant mega-tankers to pass through the 100-year-old waterway between the Atlantic and the Pacific. 

So a threat by an international consortium, led by Spain’s Sacyr, to halt construction work on January 20th if the Panama Canal Authority (PCA) doesn’t pay it $1.6 billion for cost overruns, is serious. 

The amount it is claiming is fully half the $3.2 billion it bid in 2009 for its part of the project.

Jorge Quijano, administrator of the PCA, told The Economist that the authority would not pay the money because cost increases were accounted for in the contract. He says he is prepared to go through a three-stage dispute-settlement process, culminating at the International Chamber of Commerce in Miami if necessary, that could take at least six months. “It won’t be easy,” he acknowled…

NEW LEADER IN THE ORGANIC SECTOR : Organic Earthbound Farm Sells to WhiteWave for $600m

Jan Lee

 Tuesday January 7th, 2014  

WhiteWave Foods, best known for its Horizon Organic Milk, Silk and Land O’ Lakes beverage and dairy labels, has a new product line: vegetables.

The company, which just completed its spin-off from Dean Foods in May 2013, has purchased the organic produce grower Earthbound Farm. 

The $600 millionprice tag isn’t out of line for the acquisition, either, since it will give WhiteWave a seat at the head of the table as the largest organic produce manufacturer in the country.

Gregg Engles, chairman and CEO of WhiteWave described the acquisition as an “exciting step in WhiteWave’s evolution [that] reaffirms our leadership in the organic foods and beverages industry in North America. With Earthbound Farm as part of our portfolio, WhiteWave will now provide the two most popular gateways for consumers to enter into the organic category – produce and dairy.”

The acquisition is also a smart move for the company, which holds one of the top brands for soy milk, but does…