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VENUE & DATE SET FOR IPO Global Pineapple Conference (Tampa) March 20, 2014



Thursday March 20, 2014 

10am - 4pm (Lunch Break included)

Lunch: 1-2pm

Hotel website:

Register Now:


Medical repatriation for Chaleco López at the bivouac. He is fine, but out of the #dakar2014.

Repatriación médica de Chaleco López en el bivouac. Él está muy bien, pero fuera de la # dakar2014.

All information >

Here's The Disturbing Unemployment Rate Chart That Continues To Have Everyone Worried



To the untrained eye, there was one seemingly bullish nugget in today's otherwise lackluster December jobs report — the unemployment rate dropped to 6.7%.

That's the first time we've seen the unemployment rate under 7% since November 2008, when the U.S. was in the throes of a financial crisis that would cripple the economy. 

Good news, right?


As we've explained before, the unemployment rate has ticked down recently thanks to the decreasing labor force participation rate, not an overwhelming boost in jobs. 

Economists have a few different explanations for the phenomenon, but the two competing theories have to do with aging versus a crappy economy.

Americans are getting older and retiring out of the work force, which naturally decreases labor force participation. 

When a bunch of people leave the labor market, the unemployment rate drops, making it a pretty silly indicator for the health of the labor market. 

As Wonkblog's Brad Plumer noted…

A Different look at the World : This Funny World Map Shows What Every Country Leads The World In


JAN. 10, 2014, 7:14 AM 30,063 

A wonderful map created by William Samari, Ray Yamartino, and Rafaan Anvari of DogHouseDiares illustrates what every country does better than every other country.

They collected the information from various sources and sprinkled in some quirkier rankings since many countries led the world in multiple things.

"Myanmar leads the world in 'Speaking Burmese.' That's kind of a silly thing but still true," Anvari told BI.

 "UK leads in fascist movements, but that's all movements in history, not active movements."

(Click on the map for a larger version. The full list of countries is below the map.)


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Organized Crime in the Americas: What to Expect in 2014

Written by Jeremy McDermott and Steven Dudley
Tuesday, 31 December 2013

'Paco,' Argentina's version of crack cocaine

We can already identify some of the trends that are likely to mark the evolution of organized crime in 2014. 

One is the issue of criminal migration, as organized crime in Mexico and Colombia, under increasing security force pressure, follows the path of least resistance, and sets itself up in other countries.

As we have seen with the collateral damage of nations that act as drug transshipment points, the trends of increasing violence, the growth of local organized crime groups and surges in domestic consumption of drugs are likely to follow, as transnational crime, be it Colombian or Mexican, establishes a presence in these foreign nations. 

The Mexicans already have outposts throughout the Northern Triangle countries, El Salvador, Guatemalaand Honduras, and continue to push down into Central America. Colombian organized crime syndicates have been seen in Venezu…