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The World's Most Overrated Travel Destinations (And Where To Go Instead)

JAN. 23, 2014, 1:54 PM 

Travelers often find themselves on the path most traveled because – amid the brush and bramble of advertisements, trend pieces, and travel magazine features – it's the only passage they can imagine.

And that's fine: Popular destinations tend to be popular for a reason. That said, there is a singular joy in trying something different.

To encourage travelers looking to take a chance, we've compiled a list of places they can skip in 2014 and found the places they ought to go instead. 

Going to Vail, for example, is not (and never will be) a mistake, but there are other adventures out there.

Don't go to Montreal.


Québec City

North Americans in search of a French fix tend to default to Montréal. Though there is a lot to do in Canada's second largest city, travelers looking for a more Gallic experience would be wise to set their sights on Québec City, the capital of Québec province and a UNESCO World Heritage sit…

Port of Long Beach Container Volume to Surpass 7 Million TEU by 2016 -Moro


Al Moro speaks during the annual State of the Port address.

High-tech cranes, bigger ships, cleaner skies and more jobs were among the key topics discussed today by Al Moro, Acting Executive Director of the City of Long Beach Harbor Department, in the Port of Long Beach’s annual executive address, delivered Thursday morning in front of a packed crowd at a downtown Long Beach hotel.

Harbor Commission President Doug Drummond introduced Moro with his own hopeful outlook for 2014 during the annual event, which this year drew a record audience of more than 700.

Moro noted that the Port of Long Beach, the second-busiest port in the United States, is making tremendous strides in its efforts to modernize and improve its ability to compete with other ports by upgrading terminals, roadways and bridges as part of a 10-year, $4 billion capital improvement program.

As a civil engineer, Moro said he marvels at the wide array of engineering projects he is overseeing, l…

APEM : Perú ya ha exportado el 50% del mango en la presente campaña

Desde el inicio de la campaña de mango 2013/2014, que comenzó en la semana 44 de 2013 (28 de octubre), hasta la semana 2 de 2014 (que terminó el 12 de enero) Perú exportó 49.082 toneladas (2.134 contenedores), informó el gerente general de la Asociación Peruana de Productores y Exportadores de Mango (APEM), Juan Carlos Rivera.

Al respecto, explicó que dichos envíos representan un incremento del 42,7% frente a lo exportado en la campaña anterior (2012/2013), cuando se enviaron 34.385 toneladas (1.495 contenedores de 23 toneladas cada uno).

“Estamos prácticamente a la mitad de la campaña y para llegar a la meta que nos propusimos, que es exportar 100.000 toneladas de mango fresco, debemos enviar una cifra similar a lo ya realizado. Creemos que sí la cumpliremos, ya que todavía faltan varias semanas para terminar la campaña y tenemos por enviar el volumen de la producción de Motupe y Casma”,

Asimismo, dijo que solo en la semana 2 (del 6 al 12 de enero) en la presente campaña se ex…